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  • Guardian Lion

    Something I made for the front door. Not quite sure that I like the paint effect. May re-do it
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    How tall is it. I do like it though. Like you I am not sure about the paint effect. Thanks for sharing ti with us.

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      The painting seems to grow on you after a while. Nicely done.
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        That is neat! If you plan on repainting, before you repaint the whole thing just try putting some of the dark color into some areas on the light for highlight. Like around the nose area and in the mane and tail. It would tie it all together a little more. I like the 'velvet' look you have gotten with the paint.


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          Kiwi, cool who's pattern? Lance


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            He is about 23inches high. A Winfield pattern Yard Art - Guardian Lion Woodcraft Plan


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              Hi Kiwi, great looking lion! I understand what you mean about the paint technique...were you going for a distressed look or trying to mimic the texture of hair?

              This is just a suggestion, so you can shrug it off if you like. If you are looking for a distressed look it can be done fairly easily, as I use it all the time for my outdoor beach signs I sell. I paint them in layers, using similar colors with the dominant color on top. Believe it or not the sloppier (brush strokes and such) the better. Once all the layers of paint are dry then take a sander or sandpaper with 120 grit and lightly sand it so the other colors come thru and even some of the bare wood. Then once I like how it came out, I dust it off and use a light color stain, leave on for a few minutes and then wipe off excess until you get the color you like. Once all dry I add atleast three coats of an outdoor clear coat (I just use an inexspensive spray on by Krylon). I hope that makes all sense. Like I said, just a suggestion.
              ~ Kim

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