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You got fins to the left, fins to the right...

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  • You got fins to the left, fins to the right...

    No Jimmy Buffet is not in town...sorry Parrotheads - lol! I thought I would show you the latest fishies I have added to my collection, just in time for my area's largest festival. These are all my own original designs, some using clipart as a beginning point.

    The first one is 'Liquid Barb Wire' (shown in WIP), a series of Stingrays created from MDF using additive/subtractive method - three layers of 3/4" stock and then sanded. Each Stingray measures roughly 9" x 14", with overall sculpture 37" x 17", 7" Deep. Stingrays were mounted to a base using dowel pins. Included photos of several different views.

    Next is a Sailfish. This was done similar to the Stingrays, however instead of spray paint I added dots - imagine that - lol! Dimensions 29" x 23", 3" Deep

    Another finished piece is a Queen Triggerfish. This was created from 3/4" MDF once again. I cut the first layer using the outline. I included heavy fret lines in the fins. Second layer was for the head/body, in which I included fretwork around the eyes and painted the 'inside walls' with bright colors. Added a fin, lips and some detail lines in the tail and sanded it all. Used a splatter spray paint technique to add the color. Dimensions 26" x 14", 2-1/2" Deep

    Last piece is 'Green with Envy'. Once again using 3/4" MDF and painted with 5,689 dots...just kidding...I have no clue how many blessed dots are on this beast. Took almost three full days of dotting! Dimensions 32" x 24"

    Thanx for letting me share and any comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.
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    ~ Kim

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    Kim you need an Art Gallery to show those. Awesome.... just plain incredibly awesome. Does the local news media and art guilds realize your talent is so great? It's fun to see what you are going to make next. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas with us.

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      Kim, those are soo aweseom. This may be a stupid question, but what is liquid barb wire?


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        I'll field this..Linda, That's simply the name of the piece. It's artistic licence....

        But where is Graceful Mischief...???

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          Kim, you're work is museum quality!



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            Awesomely beautiful.
            DeWalt 788


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              Oh yea, Duh.. You'll have to excuse me, I just woke up and the cogs arn't quite turning yet..

              Kim, Seriously, you need to do a press release for these. And get them some exposure... As has been said, they're museum quality......!!!!!!!!!

              The limits of the imagination are imaginary.
              No task is too tedious for Art.
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                Absolutely beautiful - you're a very gifted wood worker. It's hard to believe MDF could look so good! LOL!
                aka - Bob, USAF Ret.


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                  Absolutely stunning!!!
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                    All those dots would drive me crazy. LOL

                    All I can say is WOW your work is amazing.

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                      WOW WOW and let me say WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        Did someone say SWEEEEET TO THE MAX.............
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                          You already know how I feel about your work. That being said WOW! You my dear friend have outdone yourself. The boxes were over the top but this is without adjectives to describe it. I hope you have price tags to match. I also hope they all sell or at least generate some custom orders for you. Photos of your display will be greatly appreciated...
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                            Kim, I keep looking at the fish designs you have made and have decided I need to look at them close if you will send them to me.....yea right. You have outdone yourself once or twice again. I love the way your mind works. Perhaps you need to open a blog and teach us just how you make these..


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                              Awe inspiring work.. The finish is just fantastic. How did you paint the sailfish. Have you really just painted each individual dot


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