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  • (WIP)Mini Boxes

    it's that time of year, I have 6 projects to do in the next month.
    I'm starting off by making mini ribbon and bow boxes for the girls at work. I have a feeling when Mrs.Trout see's them done she'll be wanting me to make her a couple too so who knows how many I'll be making by the time Christmas gets here...

    these boxes are maple and they measure 3x3x3 inches....

    the best part, I can have one of these boxes done in a little over an hour.
    I'm sure the ribbon and bows will take a lot longer...

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    Looks good Trout. The ribbons and bows are actually easier than the boxes themselves. With your attention to detail I am sure there will be no problem at all Looking forward to seeing them finished.

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      Trout, Really cool! Are they made from 1/4,1/2 or3/4? Lance


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        Nicely done. Diana Thompson just posted some compound patterns for some ribbons.
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          I need to find this post....
          Originally posted by wood-n-things View Post
          Diana Thompson just posted some compound patterns for some ribbons.
          as for the thickness of the wood, I ripped down a 3/4 inch maple board and by the time I plained this half down it ended up being 3/16 inch thick.
          the sides consist of two pieces which are glued together and off set 3/16 to hold the bottom and top on....

          as for the ribbon, I'm using purple and yellow heart.....

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            Looking great Trout!!! I think more than Mrs. Trout will be wanting these by the time you finish them up and everyone sees them!!! Can't wait to see the ribbons and bows...I still need to give that method a try.
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              Beautiful boxes and ribbons. You did a great job.


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                Those are going to look great Trout....I agree they will really be liked when received. Those are some woods I wish we had here on the Island...I miss working with so many different colors of wood.


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                  Those boxes look fantastic already. I'm also looking forward to seeing them finished.

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                    I should of been done with these last weekend but I ended up putting brakes on Mrs.T's car and replacing the hot water heater instead so that took me out of the mood...
                    plus I needed to get another project done before this Friday..

                    now I can get back to work, I need 3 so I still have one more to make...

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                      this is one pretty little box....being that it's 3x3x3 it fits in the palm of your hand..

                      all it needs is a nice piece of jewelry inside....that would blow away any woman!
                      being that these boxes are for the girls at work they'll be filled with candy of some kind...

                      Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
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                        Looks really good, Trout. I like the way you created the internal lip so the side ribbons are even, and your loops are very well cut and shaped.

                        Nice to see such a pretty bow box--whoever gets it will just be blown away, even without the jewelry or candy. Way to go!

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                          Sweeeet stuff, I'm sure they look forward to your wooden gifts. Well done.
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                            That's just excellent Trout...!!!
                            Your attention to detail shows....
                            ...It's inspiring even...!!!

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                              I can thank Carol for this idea...
                              ever since I saw her cupcake boxes, that's what I wanted to make the girl but since the book doesn't come out until January or February the next best thing was these ribbon and bow boxes....

                              I wanted them to be mini just in case they wanted to keep them at their desks..
                              and I have to say Mini's take just as much time as a bigger box would...

                              I better get back in the shop and glue the next bow on because I want this project done by the end of the week!

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