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A few new bandsaw boxes

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  • A few new bandsaw boxes

    Here are a few new boxes I have made....they are setting in a local shop for sale right now. The Tree box has holes in the back to push open the drawers...didn't want to mess up the look of the tree.

    The first box was made from Mango with a Koa front, the second is Mango with Koa with a strip of redwood and Koa pulls (sorry, the picture of this box should be standing up, not on the side), the third is white oak with Koa drawer fronts. I also included a pic. of the back of the tree box.

    Not sure if I have posted the last one or not, but it was cut from Mango burl...had a heck of a time getting it to this point.

    I ran out of bandsaw blades so while I wait I have glued up lots of new blanks all ready to cut. I am really happy that a couple of the high end stores here are interested enough in putting them on display, and they have been selling. I do not discount them to the stores and I am really amazed at the prices they are receiving for them.
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    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Another outstanding batch of boxes!!! Congrats on the sales and getting your foot in the door at the high end shops...make sure you sign your pieces!!! I put my sig inside one of the drawer backs to not distract from the overall look of the box.

    I am so envious of your woods available!!! I even got online and looked at ordering some and about fell over on the price, I guess I will just stick to the ones around here.

    I luv the tree that one of your own designs? I like the finger holes in the back too. Did ya get a chance to try out the seashell patter I sent ya? I think with some strategically placed kerf lines it could be cut on the bandsaw too.

    Great job once again...can't wait to see whatcha come up with next.
    ~ Kim

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      Very well done indeed. Share what prices they are commanding on the islands..
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        Hey, you're getting really, really good at this! And I do love the tree, especially!

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          How's your shoulder? Those are totally sweeeeet. Congrats on your sales.
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            Thank you everyone for the kind words. Kim, I have started on the shell fact I have the drawers cut out and noticed the blade was having a very hard time dull. Then I noticed I out of new it is setting in the shop waiting for new blades to arrive in the mail. I started cutting the drawers out before I looked real good, and almost messed a nice piece of Koa.

            It's true, Koa is very costly even here. I can not afford prices of $25 a board foot for it, so I run an add on craigs list once a month asking for anyone that has wood they wish to sell at lower prices. Most of what I get is in pretty bad shape and takes along time to get it to a workable condition, but Koa is what allot of people ask for. Mango and Monkey Pod isn't as hard to obtain, and I have a friend that is always needing some Norfolk Pine and Ironwood trees cut down.

            As for pricing, I charge the stores $50 for the one drawer boxes and up to $200 (the tree box)...and they had their pricing on top of that. We were selling at a local Farmers Market, but they have needed to move and it is not in a good location that people driving by can I am waiting for them to move back..until then I keep trying to sell to stores.

            The tree box is not my design...well not all of it. I for something like it on like and changed it is several ways.

            WD, the shoulder is not good at all. I see the next Dr. on Thursday and I know they will send me in for an operation. I will just hate the down time from the shop. I work for a couple hours in the shop and then set with a heat pad on it for a while.


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              Excellent work on those Larry. Sorry to hear about your shoulder not doing well. One of these days I will get a supply of wood native to the Islands and see what I can make form them. Love those boxes Larry. Keep em coming.

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                Those look great! Way to go on getting your items into that high traffic shop. Way to go!

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                  Those look great Larry. I really like the last one.

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                    Good job Larry.
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                      Thanks again. Glad you like the boxes. Just got my new blades today and have 7 more glued up ready to be cut. Guess I better get to them now in case I have surgery on the shoulder soon....boy I sure am going to hate that. Guess this old man should stop acting like I am 25 again, doing all that heavy lifting.


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                        Wow Larry, those boxes are very niceeeeeeeeee...
                        Hope they can fix your shoulder so you'll be out of pain soon!

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                          The Dr. will no doubt wonder what I have been doing...not only is my shoulder toast, but I have done something to my right knee as well???? Not sure what, but it sure hurts. I am looking for that one pill that takes care of everything...anyone know where I can get it?


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                            Marvatious! They are just gorgeous Larry! Outstanding work! Don


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                              Sorry Larry I don't have that magic pill for ya...I get high off just a tylenol - lol! Sorry to hear of your shoulder...and now your knee. Try acting 35 and maybe the body won't complain too much...oh wait..that doesn't work either!

                              Good luck with the new blades and all the glue ups...that's a lot of sanding, but can't wait to see more awesome boxes!
                              ~ Kim

                              A day in my shop is like a day at the beach...full of sunshine and ya never know where the sawdust may end up!



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