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Wood imitating food--the cake box

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  • Wood imitating food--the cake box

    After the projects for the box book were completed and I had some free time, I started to mix and match various techniques from the book to create "hybrids". Each tier is a separate box, lined with flocking to make it look box-like inside.

    The actual cake, which served as my model, was a commissioned cake from my active cake decorating days, years ago. The box was an experiment, which is why I kept the ribbons simple and monochromatic, but it worked up really easily, and has some great possibilities, like using colorful laminations to create striped loops and tails.

    Somehow, I am irresistibly drawn to projects that involve food . . . .
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    Works of art Carole. Hard to believe the wedding cake is made from wood . Very well done on both of them. Looking forward to getting the new book when it finally comes out. How big is the box btw?

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      Way cool!! It's lovely.
      DeWalt 788


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        You are so creative. They are amazingly beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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          Hi Carole - what can I say? Your box is simply yummy!!!! LOL!!

          This is definitely my sort of scrolling project!

          Notwithstanding the usual high level of artistic skill you put into all of your work I can imagine the sheer fun you would have making this type of project. Its quirky but functional and is the sort of one of a kind project that really stands out in the crowd. I love it!!

          As to being drawn to projects that involve food. I share your sentiment with one major difference. I just get drawn to food!!!

          Keep posting your new ideas as they hatch. They really do get you thinking outside of the box.
          Jim in Mexico

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            Very cool!


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              What a great idea.
              May the wind at you back .....
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                Glad you like it. I'd been wanting to make one for a long time. Originally I wanted a floral topper, but to get the kind of realism I wanted, I'd have to carve the petals, and that's not something I wanted to get involved with (yet).

                The idea for how to do the cake came from the pineapple upside down cake box--same principle, but with an extra layer. I used a flat circle for the plate, and the curved pedestal from the cupcake stand. I included a picture of the PUDC below--I don't remember how to insert it into the text (help, someone?)

                Based on forum suggestions about handling redundant information, the book has a "bow basics" sidebar, which is a step-by-step tutorial on how to make loops and tails. Each project in the book that uses bows has its own pattern for the loops and tails, since they differ in size and shape, but I didn't need to use valuable space repeating the same technique.

                So, if I were to give instructions for this project, all I'd have to do would be to refer the reader to the relevant projects for techniques, and provide a properly-sized loops and tails pattern. The patterns for a 4" and a 6" circle with one 1/4" ring which form the boxes could easily be drawn with a compass, or with Dave's polydraw program. And the instructions for flocking the boxes are contained in my "fearless flocking" sidebar.

                It's a neat way to give instructions, and an easy way to customize projects and take them in different directions.
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                  Oh oh oh oh, I hope that pattern is in your upcoming book. Is that cool, or what, or is it just soooo sweeeeeet......and you were some cake maker.
                  Originally posted by handybunny
                  I don't remember how to insert it into the text (help, someone?)
                  Once your file is loaded, look at the top of reply box, you will see a paper clip, click the down arrow and your file, or files should be there, then you can click on the file and it will end up where ever you put the flashing bar, that way you can insert it between text if you want.
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                    Dang, now I'm hungry....Nicely done!
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                      I would like a slice of each Carole. Those are really awesome projects I would really like to give those a try myself. I will be ordering you next book from and I'm sure be ordering the book after that one. Thanks for sharing.
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                        Carol, your killing me here....I WANT MY BOOK NOW!

                        how thick are the layers of the cake, eather you did a great job laminating 3/4 inch boards together or you used a thicker wood?

                        does the pineapple cake come off the plater or is it glued on?

                        I need a project and nothing is lighting my fire right now

                        Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
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                          Dan, I wish the book were out already, but the delays couldn't be helped, and there was a lot of work to do to get all the bugs out and make sure the patterns were accurate.

                          Actually, these projects are really pretty simple--compared to the bowl projects. Since the shape is a circle, they are quick and easy to sand--about the opposite of doing a bowl.

                          Trout, I use thicker wood for those type of boxes, typically 1" to 1-1/4", depending on what I have around. I use 1/4" or 1/8" for the lids. Here are pictures of the lids off the cake box. I ended up flocking the insides to disguise the difference between the side and the bottom woods,but I don't have pictures of that on hand.

                          lower box.jpg upper box.jpg

                          The pineapple upside down cake is made the same way, so the whole lid comes off. What makes this different from the typical box is that the lid comes all the way down the sides, and the base does double duty as part of the next layer or as part of the cake plate.

                          Whoever said boxes had to be square? Or have box joints? Or dovetails?
                          Given the many box books out there, you'd better believe I was motivated to make mine really different. And fun.

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                            one more question??
                            how wide are these boxes and platers?
                            I went back to your other thread about the book to have another look and those pies look to be pretty good size...
                            am I going to need a wider board too?

                            I had to give Mrs.Trout another kiss for pre-ordering my book..
                            I could of have 5 cup cakes made by now...

                            Hawk G-4 Jetcraft
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                              WOW, WOW, WOW!!!

                              Another great project and end result! I too, cannot wait for the release of your new box are such a tease tho...pure torture - LOL!

                              I have a tendancy to play with nature, where you play with food - but your ideas and concepts can be used with so many different projects...that is what is so kewl! Thanx for all your great ideas and input - a true inspiration to me and many others.

                              Can't wait to see more! Thanx for Sharing!!!
                              ~ Kim

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