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Gluing the halos on the angel ornaments

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  • Gluing the halos on the angel ornaments

    G'morning, folks. I just received a PM asking how I manage to glue the halos onto the heads of the angel ornaments, and since I ran into the same difficulty, I decided to post the question here for all you angel makers to post your answers. My solution was to make a smaller hole in the halo. I use a 3/8 bit to drill the hole instead of cutting it on the saw. Yeah, it's hard to get the hole cut in the middle exactly (I redrew the halo, marked the centre and then made a zillion copies), but who says halos have to be perfectly dimensioned? I prefer that they stay firmly adhered! I've had the best luck using Aileen's clear gel tacky glue.

    How about the rest of you? Any similar difficulties and solutions?


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    Make the angels out of wormy wood and they will by holy. Maybe they'll grow their own halos. It's worth a try!



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      That's a groaner Dave.


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