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  • a nice surprise

    Mrs.Trout has been spying on me.......
    she was in the kitchen making cup cakes for our grand daughters 1st birthday party and I mentioned that there was a new book coming out and it had cup cake box plans in it....

    she gives me a BIG smile and said that she saw Handibunny's thread about the book and that I seamed pretty excited about it so she pre-ordered a copy for me....
    I can't wait now until January when it come out, but I have a feeling that I'll be making a lot of those cup cake boxes in my near future....

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    Now how flippin sweet is that? Does Mrs. Trout have a sister?
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      MMMM...Cupcakes...Gotta get that book.....
      Good for you Trout...!!!
      And sharp on Mrs. Trout...
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        Now that's love!


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          What a wonderful sweetheart my wife must be related as that is something she would do. Good for you Trout.


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            She probably pre ordered the book for you could make the project for HER


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              They sure have nice ways of getting us to make items for them don't they. I love this one "I know you don't have the time to make this, so I'll do it" I know I am afraid to let her do it because she might do it better than I can!!


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