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Pushing the lit'l saw to it's limits...

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  • Pushing the lit'l saw to it's limits...

    By now most of you know the whole saga of my dead scroll saw...but I just can't quit so I have been pushing my lit'l saw to it's limits these days trying to get some projects finished. Overall, I have to admit, for the cost/size of the lit'l guy he performs pretty well...but it does take about twice as long and adds some time to the sanding/finishing. But hey, atleast I still getta make some sawdust!!!

    As mentioned in my earlier posts, I did some research and came across some great reads/inspiration (couple books by Tony Lydgate – “The Art of Making Small Wood Boxes” and “The Art of Making Elegant Wood Boxes” – which include boxes by Mr. Lydgate and various other artists.). Here is one box from that book.

    The first one is inspired from ‘Marquetry Boxes’ by T. Breeze VerDant – once again another modified design and created using a scroll saw versus a band saw. In his design he creates beautiful marquetry lids, one technique I have not yet tried. So to add a little flair to the Black Walnut I decided to add some dots…imagine that! The lid/box uses brass pins, however I think I will choose to use dowel pins in the future. Woods used are Aspen, Black Walnut & Leopardwood. Dimensions – 8-1/4” x 3”, 2” Deep

    My version of Oval Spinner Box was inspired from magazine “Weekend Woodworking – Easy-to-Build Boxes, Frames & Accessories” in which they showed how to create an ‘oval jewelry box’. However, once again the plans called for other woodworking tools so I modified the pattern to be created on the scroll saw. The individual lids pivot for easy access to the two separate compartments. Woods used are Black Walnut & Yellowheart. Dimensions – 6” x 4”, 1-3/4” Deep

    The last one is my Tribal Turtle Box which is one of my own designs. This a modified design from an original wall sculpture I created which was based on tribal tattoo clip art, so I decided to see how a box would turn out. The box was a challenge trying to match up all the small overlaid pieces of the turtle for the lid, but overall I am happy how it turned out. Once again I used the ‘touch and turn’ method for the lid, which swivels at the head. Woods used are Butternut, Cherry & Leopardwood. Dimensions – 5-1/4” x 5-3/4”, 2” Deep

    As always, all advise, criticisms and comments are welcomed!
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    ~ Kim

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    One word. Stunning!
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      Very nicely done Kim. Even cheap saws can do good work if the user is good. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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        That turtle is a marvel.
        Great design and sculpture.
        Pacifism is great, as long as everyone is participating.


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          You are certainly making more than saw dust! That Turtle is
          God Bless! Spirithorse


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            Great innovation. Lovely result


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              Great work Kim


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                Beautiful box work Kim. They are all stunning but the turtle is just amazing. Thanks for sharing your work with us.

                You are living proof that a fine craftsman can make even a poor tool look good but a fine tool can't make a poor craftsman look good.

                A day without sawdust is a day without sunshine.

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                  WOW that is some really beautiful work! I must agree with George.
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                    Beautiful work again Kim - and even more stunning knowing the equipment you are using isn't the best.
                    Have you done the inlay challenge? I don't know if that would make your turtle design easier or not (probably not! lol) but I can see you adding inlay to the boxes you are making.




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                      That turtle will win the race for sure.......all boxes look sweeeet once again. Nice work Kim.
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                        Speechless. Beautiful. Just proves it's the artist that does excellent work. Great tools help but you used all your excellent skills from cutting to sanding to finishing that make your work extraordinary,no matter what tools you use!!

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                          All are great. I think the turtle is my favorite.


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                            wow! Then I took a look at your website Home Page and double-wow! Really nice work.


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                              Very lovely work as usual Kim....I really like them


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