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Compound Cut Angel Ornaments (Diana Thompson's)

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  • Compound Cut Angel Ornaments (Diana Thompson's)

    Oh, goodie! Some more wonderful compound cut ornaments from Diana Thompson appeared in the last issue of that "other" mag, so I've been taking a break from the birdhouses. Love them! These are made from maple, aspen, oak and walnut, the halos are all yellowheart and the wings are various woods including eastern cedar, holly and a mystery reddish wood. Most are dipped in Danish oil, but a few are done with water-based verathane to keep the aspen whiter, and it sure does keep it whiter. Most darker woods are much more colourful if oil is used, but yellowheart seems to look equally bright with either finish.

    Thank you, Diana! These are great and I expect will be good sellers.

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    Nicely done. Do you have to glue on the wings and halo? I can see another addiction coming.
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      Nice work Lou,

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        Very nicely done. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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          Adorable, adorable, cute cute cute!! My copy of the "other" magazine never arrived and they are sending me another. I will most definitely be cutting angels as soon as it shows up!!

          Thanks for posting.
          Nancy in AZ
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            My copy of the "other" magazine never arrived
            Mine did not make it either. I forgot to send em a check for a renewal...My bad!
            "Still Montana Mike"

            "Don't worry about old age--it doesn't last that long."
            Mike's Wood-n-Things LLC


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              Those are on my "to do" list as soon as I can "do" cutting again. In the meantime, I am copying & gluing up!!!! Since I live in a military area, I will be making alot of the camoflouge ones for soldiers.

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                Really look great, Lou! Thanks for posting!



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                  Lou, those are beautiful. I like the contrasting woods you used. They are on my to cut list for this fall.

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                    Thanks, everyone! They're a lot of fun to make. Yes, I have been gluing the wings and halo on before dipping in oil (or using verathane). Also, I make the hole in a halo a bit smaller than the design called for. I find it easier to glue it to the head now. I just use a .... whatever that second smallest Forstner bit is .... 3/8, that's it ... to make the hole. I redrew the halo and marked the centre point. I usually stack cut (2) the wings and halos.



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                      Only item missing is the choir master . Nicely done .



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                        Oh great...I haven't started on the birdhouses and now something new....guess I will never get caught up


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                          I'm in the same boat. My box with the birdhouse issue of the other magazine was supposed to arrive in the mail yesterday according to the tracking data... The post office is just punishing me I guess.

                          I did find a POW/MIA pattern in one of my issues of SSWC that needs cutting though. Maybe I'll make that while I'm waiting on the birdhouses to come in. That'll keep me from thinking I need to cut out angels...


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                            Nicely done Lou they look great.
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                              Those are really cute! Like the way you have mixed the wood.

                              If you can't fix it with sawdust and glue, it's not worth fixing.


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