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  • Soccer Box

    Decided to make this in Honor of the World Cup being as Soccer is the ONLY sport Cleveland has not messed up ... yet The dark rings are cherry the thick ring is 1 1/4 in. Poplar and the lid is Pine. I did segmentation to make the soccer ball. The box is 1 3/4 in thick and 8 in in diameter. The paint is water based Acrylics. The finish is Semi Gloss Deft.

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    Very well done....
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      Nice job DW.


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        Pretty neat!
        DeWalt 788


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          Very nice DW. A find tribute to the sport.
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            Nicely done..!!
            And an excelent job of keeping it round..!!!!
            I love the way the cherry offsets the poplar..!!

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              The box looks great DW.
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                Nice one DW.
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                  Very nice work WD

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                    That is clever. Turned out really nice.

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                      Love it, thanks !


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