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Long time member done little to no scroll sawing.

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  • Jim Finn
    I would not invest any more cash in the Harbor Freight scroll saw. I had one, and it did not work so I sent it back. They sent me another and I used it 6-7 times and the speed controller died. So I then quit scrolling for a few years and eventually bought a DeWalt.

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  • billptol
    I puchased the POZSGAI'S DESIGNS EZ Set Blade Holder System 4 years ago and it works fine on my cheap EINHELL scrollsaw. It was a good upgrade.
    Feel free to ask.
    Nintsios Vasilios

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  • Linda In Phoenix
    Welcome back! And I agree to please post your pics. We always enjoy the diversity of our members abilities.

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  • Rolf
    I would go with Pozgai, I have the clamp mods he designed for the Hawks on my Hawk saw. His stuff is well engineered and well made.
    And like Scott said post pictures as you go "Please"

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  • NC Scroller
    Sorry but no experience with either. For the price it may help. Surely it is a cheaper option than dropping $700 on another saw.

    If you do go down this road please post how it turned out. It might help or save someone else.

    PLEASE POST PICTURES OF THE DOLL HOUSE. We would love to see it.
    Last edited by NC Scroller; 11-20-2020, 07:57 AM.

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  • Long time member done little to no scroll sawing.

    Ok, I joined this group way back in 2012. Have done virtually no work since. However, quite recently I got the need to fill a lifelong ambition to build and furnish a dollhouse. so for some of the very small intricate work a scroll saw was needed. So I purchased the Harbor Freight Central Machinery one. Cue the wailing and gnashing of teeth.
    It came with the hanger type attachments. I was wondering what are your thoughts on POZSGAI'S DESIGNS EZ Set Blade Holder System at $38.49 or this one from Amazon

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  • handibunny
    Reply to Spring Issue
    by handibunny
    Scotch tape works, too. 😉
    Today, 03:09 PM
  • theframer
    Sue Mey's site
    by theframer
    Sorry if this is the wrong placefor this post. I just tried to look at The Scrollsaw Artist site and I got a message that the site may be corrupted and I should not attempt to enter it. Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks for any help.

    Today, 02:37 PM
  • NC Scroller
    Reply to Spring Issue
    by NC Scroller
    YEAH!!!! My copy arrived today.

    As for the best ways to copy/scanning/store/print etc that might be a good article series FC might consider....
    Today, 02:24 PM
  • Jim McDonald
    Reply to Bible stand
    by Jim McDonald
    A quick Google search for fretwork book stands showed pattern on Pinterest. Might be worth a look.
    Today, 12:39 PM
  • Quartz43
    Reply to Spring Issue
    by Quartz43
    I agree that with fret work the grey areas may be useful but not needed for Intarsia and some others. It would not be difficult to use grey for some patterns and just lines on others.

    Another thing to note is that not many have the ability, software or equipment to stitch patterns back...
    Today, 11:02 AM