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  • My DeWalt 788

    I'm not a real beginner, but I think a real neophyte in this magical pastime. Some time ago, I got a whale of a deal on a Dewalt 788 saw. I installed larger clamp knobs and a lift device, and have gotten good, satisfying service from the saw.
    I should never do this, but today, I watched a YouTube video about how to service my saw. I tried it, and it ran quietly until I turned the speed dial to about 90%, and it started rattling like it would fly apart! 😨 For those of you who own and use the 788...Does this mean mine needs repair? It didn't look hard, from the Video, but the parts, bearings and sleeves were all bought from outside sources, which I don't know how to contact. I am ;middling capable with tools, but the Arbor Press is something I will not have a need for ever again, if I try to DIY it. Will it be better to take it to my local service center, and turn it over to their tender mercies, or try to do it myself? Will the ultimate cost be much different? Any advice will be appreciated!. Thanks!

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    I do not feel you have a problem, virtually all machinery has optimum operating speeds, once you exceed that speed, the vibrations begin to increase. You might find smoother operation with some of the high end scroll saws such as Hawk, Hegner as well as the Pegas. This past February, I had an opportunity to test the Pegas Scroll saw while visiting ArtCrafters in Dayton Tn.

    Pegas took EX21 basic design and refined it. The Pegas is a smoother running saw.

    My old 788 could not be run at 90% from Day 0ne. Presently my close friend is still using it as it came out of the carton nearly twenty years ago.

    Presently I have an EX21, as you increase speed the vibrations increases, once you reach 80% speed wood will vibrate off of the table
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      Flyboy I do not have a Dewalt nor do I have access to one so I am unable to help you with this. But as Fibber says all scroll saws have their sweet and not so sweet spots. But if your saw was quiet or relatively smooth when you first got it and now it isn't then there is something wrong or out of position. Depending on the service center they may or may not have anyone that knows more than you. On all of my machines when something doesn't sound right I go through each connection checking for anything loose or worn. Fibber, on the EX's I think the motor position is critical.
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        Am I correct that you took it apart and the problem started when you used it afterwards?
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          Over the past ten or years, I have had to replace many of the internal parts on my Dewalt. If I had performed better preventative maintenance it probably could have been avoided.

          If you haven't opened it up yet, do an online search and watch a few videos on the topic. (There are a few to chose from). Open it, inspect the parts, especially the bearings then lube as per the videos. A worn part will be pretty obvious and if you do need to replace something, I used eReplacement Parts and was happy. They also have diagrams.

          When some of my bearings were worn out, I just replaced them. Unless you have the tools to repack them already it is much cheaper. As far as I remember, that is the only thing I might have needed a press for.

          A few months ago I had to replace a bearing and sleeve it made a world of difference and I was able to run it much faster.

          Good Luck!


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            I don't know where you live but there is a man named Bob Brokaw who lives in the Alanta area who is a DW788 expert on repairs. You can watch him on You Tube. Here is alink: I have Bob's phone number and address. Hope this will help.


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