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  • Which end is up?

    I'm brand new to scroll sawing and whenever I try to do anything I have problems with the wood bouncing around. I'm applying pressure, but it still happens. I read that I could have the blade upside down. If it's a reverse tooth blade, how do you know which is the top end of the blade?

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    That is always a problem with reverse tooth blades. Rub your finger alone the blade teeth. One way will have more "drag'. The more "drag end up. I like Flying Dutchman Ultra Reverse blades. There is a little ripple on the end to go up.
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      Not sure about what size blade you are using or how good your eye sight. Though I well into my 60's and have only fair eye sight I can hold my blades to the light and see the teeth on most blades. Scroll saw blades point down. On a tradition reverse tooth blade you will find 5-6 teeth pointing in a different direction. That is the bottom.
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        My hegner has a blade holder holder on the side showing direction on teeth to be inserted into the holder. I still put them in upside down sometimes. Scott’s way is the easiest. The long side of the blade is the down cut. The shortest side is the up cut.

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          On Olson and other brand blades you can see the gap between the teeth. feet is the easiest but laying the blade on a piece of white paper makes it easier to see. The flying dutchman blade direction is not easy to see or feel, but like Sandy said the top is marked.
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            I use a cheap, hand-held magnifier if I'm not at sure which end is up. Works every time!

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              I did indeed have the blade in upside down. I was using some Bosch blades that I picked up from Lowes.
              On Friday I got some Olsen blades in the mail. I hadn't ever seen any blades this thin. It was a bit of a struggle seeing the teeth, but I was able to feel the top and bottom of the blade with my finger. As soon as I used the Olsen reverse tooth blade, I put the Bosch blade back in the package. I'm taking them back to Lowes!


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