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  • old scroller returning

    Hi I started scrolling some time ago but I am just getting over a long illness, I have been looking around for a saw.I have come across one that I am tempted to but I can't find anything about it It' The Dremel18" .Do any of you guys know anything about it Mal(UK)

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    Welcome back. Sorry to hear of your illness but glad to hear it is behind you.
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      thanks very much hoping to get some information on this saw is going a t very good price £40.00


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        I did a Google search
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          Welcome back. Sorry I have no information on the saw.
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            Welcome back. I had a Dremel 1830 (didn't have the little sander on the side). It wasn't a bad saw - variable speed and relatively easy to use.

            The thing about it was that it had Oilite bearings. After a year or so of use, it would start squealing and set up a bad vibration. When that started, I had to open the saw, pop out the Oilite bearings and soak them in oil overnight. Then it would run OK for another 3 - 4 months.

            After a couple of those drills, I sold it and got a used DW788 Type 1.

            So you might want to ask the seller how are the bearings in it.

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              Welcome to the group and while I have no experience with that saw, I would say the price is about right for a used Dremel. I looked at some US models a few years ago and the new ones were running about double that amount if I am doing the currency exchange correctly in my head.

              Feel free to look around, grab a pattern or two from the library and get started. We are here and will do our best to answer questions as we can.
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