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Old Hegner Multimax 2 Blade Clamp Problem

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  • Old Hegner Multimax 2 Blade Clamp Problem

    Total beginner here. I bought this 1983 Multimax 2 in an estate sale with nothing but an envelope of blades and the original bill of sale. It looks in good condition.
    1. Googling, I can't find a manual for the Multimax 2. It looks similar to other models but I still can't determine how to adjust things.
    2. I mount the blade into the lower blade clamp OK. But even backing off so it just barely clamps, there still isn't enough length to insert in the top clamp. I've released all the tension on the upper arm to lower it, but the blade still cannot reach the clamp enough to clamp securely. The blades came with the saw and are all the same length so I assume they are the correct length? I'm sure I'm missing something but I'm not sure what.
    3. If I could get the blade in both clamps, it would be up against the left side of the hole in the table. There doesn't appear to be much leeway for moving the blade side to side out of the way. Am I missing something else? Is there a way to adjust the blade or the table to clear the hole?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    i use a hegner multicut,and assume it is much the same,ajust the tensioner at the back of the saw so your blade is slack when you pull the tension lever,if there is one .do you have a picture of it.
    lets make plenty of sawdut,
    and have fun doing it


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      I have a newer Hegner but here is the US dealer werbsite with information and parts.
      Call them for help.

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        I have two Hegner saws. A Polymax-3 (2008) and a Multimax-3 (1986). As has been said, advance machinery will help you with any issues you may have with your saw. Good folks there. Parts for my saws are still available from them so I bet parts for your saw are too.
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          Thanks for the advise. I will call Advanced Machinery. The tension is totally loose. If I discover the problem, I'll report.


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