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    I have 2 questions to ask.

    First, I don't see very many people talking about the saw dust causing them problems. I have had problems with breathing the dust and coughing for weeks. I use a face mask, but that steams up my glasses. What do others use?

    Second, I used the spiral blade for the first time and I liked it, but the top and bottom of the blade are twisted and they don't hold the tension at all. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    Thank you all for your help!!


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    The dust protection I wear may not be available where you are (or they'll be expensive due to the currency exchange rate), but I use a Trend Airshield. It's really designed for wood turners, but it's great for scrolling too. Before that, I used a Trend AirAce which makes you look like Darth Vader but is very effective and your spectacles don't mist up.

    As for your other question... I've never used a spiral blade so I'll leave that for others to answer.

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      Terry, I use the CFR-1 dust mask from it will not fog your glasses. I believe on another forum someone said you can get this mask from $10.25 for the mask and $12.75 for 20 filters.
      I am a flat blade user so can't help with the spiral question.
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        Terry, I started using spiral blades about a year ago. I really like them for some applications. I also find that tension on the blade is hard to hold. It seems to me that use and the tension applied to the blade causes the blade to stretch. This reduces the tension. I just pay more attention to this when using a spiral and adjust it as necessary. I would also really like to know if I am doing something wrong. I use a respirator it sometimes causes my glasses to fog. I found that for me a lot depends on how I adjust it.


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          Hi Terry; in regards to your questions about spiral blades, I'll add my 2 cents. I only use 2 blades for scrolling. I use the Flying Dutchman Flat End No. 1 for most of my cutting, and have had no problems with them. I use the Flying Dutchman New Spiral 2/0 for finer cutting and have had the same problem with the ends bending and twisting as you have had. It's very frustrating but I've resigned myself to using a lot of blades. Maybe we're both doing something wrong, but it will take better minds than mine to figure it out. I just like spiral blades and I'm stubborn enough to keep using them. Take care. Greg.


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            I place a domestic bench fan at right angles to the saw to blow the airborne dust away from me.



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              With the spiral blades, normally what I do (and I've heard others say the same thing) is grip the blade close to the teeth with a pair of pliers then grab the end of the blade with a pair of needlenose pliers and twist it in the opposite direction until it's fairly flat. It doesn't end up 100% flat, but it does help.


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                I use the Dust Beegone for some cutting, but for the finer dust I sometimes make or any questionable woods, I use some sort of respirator my hubby got from work thay wear in the filter cleaner room (at his owrk) that filters out the smallest of particles. Helpful, huh? Please wear something which is better than nothing. I met a young guy last year who had to give up woodworking because he never work a mask and cut mostly cocobolo and he was hospitalized for 5 months for the damage to his lungs, which will never be the same again. If your glasses are fogging up, maybe you aren't putting the mask on right? This happens to me when I have the tinest of spaces between my face & mask .


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                  I use the flat part of the needle nose pliers (From the of the blade moving inward pinch the blade three or four time then a little twist with my finger and it's done).Jerry
                  Don't worry be scrolling


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                    WOW, thank you all for your help!!! I am going to look into getting one of the filters suggested here. I really need one badly. I use the cheap ones from Lowe's, something is better then nothing. I went a day and a half with nothing and I will NEVER do that again!!

                    As for the spiral blades, thank you for your help on that as well. I will try straightening out the ends. I thought about doing that but was afraid I would hurt the blade.

                    Again, thank you everyone!!



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                      Terry, I use the DustB Gone mask and when you fit the frame around your nose it won't steam up your glasses.
                      As for Spirals blades I have a very light hammer, used for upholstery, And I place the end of the blades on a piece of 6 inch long thick steel. I tap the blade very lightly to flatten just enough of the blade to fit into the clamps. Then I reverse ends on the blade and hold down the flattened part of the blade against the steel and flatten the other end. By holding the end against the steel the flat part of the blade will be at the same place on both ends of the blade. I do this a dozen or two at a time. Remember, very lightly. To much and you weaken the blade.
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