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  • Easy Lift?

    Anyone using the "Easy Lift" on their Dewalt. Looks like a good idea. Are there other similar units available? Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Steve, we recently had a thread on this very topic, you can view it here:

    DeWalt 788

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      Thank you!


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        yes, easy lifts on my saws. for the price of it,its money well spent as far as Im concerned. I am a bottom feeder though, most top feeders dont really need the Jim Dandy. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          I use the easy lift have been for several years now beats hanging onto a block of wood or something else to prop it up all the time, when changing a blade or making inside cuts. I just wish it would have been a bit more user friendly to install and at times the spring vibration(s) at times can just drive me nuts so I put a small scrap of wood between that and the saw.

          cutting up one piece at a time


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