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  • Scroll Saw Stand/Table

    I have a Dewalt788 (not sure if that matters or not) and was looking around at stands for it. I'm not sure what I need to be looking for as far as design. I'm just wondering what other people are using. Right now I have it clamped down to a work bench which works fine ... but my husband wants his tools back. I'd like to have something more permanent and all mine. Any ideas are appreciated.


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    3 legs are best because they don't wobble on an uneven floor like cement usually is.
    Jeff Powell


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      I like the 3-legged with the saw tilted towards you.


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        If you are looking at a home made or aftermarket stand as opposed to the one that DeWalt offers for this saw, then I would suggest a few things.

        First, decide if you are going to stand or sit at the saw. That will determine the height. My first saw was a Craftsman that I built a stand for. It was tall enough that I could stand comfortably without hunching over.

        My DeWalt came with the stand and it better suited for sitting. It's also tilted a few degrees forward to make it more ergonomic. I much prefer this setup. If you intend to sit, make sure the legs are oriented as such that you are comfortable at the saw. In other words, you want a comfortable place to put your legs and feet while sitting at the saw for extended periods of time. I recommend getting a good stool first and finding/making a stand that works well with it.

        You want a stand that is very stable. You shouldn't need this with the DeWalt, but some guys have a shelf on the bottom that they set a bag of sand on to weigh it down and add stability. The DeWalt runs smooth and I haven't had a need to add any extra ballast. But may be something to consider if you go with a home made stand.
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          There is a nice stand design here.
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            What is the benefit of the table tilting forward?
            When I took my scroll saw class my instructor had stools to sit on. I don't have a stool at home so I'm standing up all the time. I guess thats another thing I need to look into. I really need to sit when I'm working or my back is going to break very soon!
            So I should find a comfy seat first?
            Gee, its great being a newbie. lol


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              I think the forward tilt can help your back when doing fine detail work that would otherwise have you hunched over the saw. Othewise, the tilt is a great way to direct all the sawdust into your lap?
              Jeff Powell


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                Hi Blue,
                Find a comfy stool first, one with a backrest would be nice,
                then go for a 3 legged stand at the right hight to suit you, and the stool,
                i have an office type stool , found on a junk heap!!!
                the more comfortable you are , the longer you can scroll !!!


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                  If you get one of those tall "draughtsman" chairs with a footrest then you can sit up high, or stand, as suits your fancy of the moment. That's what I use.

                  A bar stool would probably do.

                  You could go round bars in Houston and research which ones are most comfortable after an hour or two.

                  Scrolling really is such fun!
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                    I happened to run into Roy from Whitetail Designs when I was looking for my saw. He raised the back of a floor model 788 while I was sawing on it and what a difference it made!
                    I had been using a two speed Delta mounted level and was getting over a pinched nerve in my neck after a 5 hour sawing session a couple of months earlier. When I got my 788, I set the back up as high as it would go. I use a bar type wood stool ( the next one will have a padded seat) and have my foot pedal on an old milking stool. I have sawn for hours with no more pinched nerves.

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                      I built my own stand made just high enough to put a cushion chair. I also put a piece of carpet under it to stop a lot of the vibration and it also helped a lot. A concrete floor will make your saw vibrate more than it should.

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                        Id suggest just purchasing the three legged dewalt stand and assemble as the instructions say. Putting the back leg extension on does make it much more user friendly , and a stool is a must I think. Dale
                        Dale w/ yella saws


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                          I have the stand that is from the Dewalt company made for that saw. I love it and yes you need a good stool for it. The back of mine is up. Makes it easier to see what you are doing.
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                            Wow, ton's of great advice on this site!

                            Just thought I would throw a little twist in about those talking about tilted stands. I recently purchased a Craftsman Scroll Saw and it clearly states in the manual: "Your scroll saw is designed to be used on horizontal surfaces only. Motor damage may result when mounted on a non-horizontal surface."

                            And you folks think people don't read manuals!


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                              Interesting point Orochi, welcome to the board.

                              I am not sure if bearings would be damaged by the forces exerted on a different plane.
                              I guess the motor on your saw must mount parallel to the arms and not perpendicular. If it is perpendicular then it should, in theory run the same on any angle.

                              If the motor is parallel to the arm the the load would change when the angle changes.
                              Then again I am not an engineer I just have a few loose screws!
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