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  • Fretwork PATTERNS

    Where Is A Good Place To Get Fretwork Pattrens???? I'm Lookin For A Cat And Hummingbird... Thanks For Any Help...........

    Rick S.

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    this a good place to start.
    you have to join the group but the patterns and group are free



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      There are some great beginner patterns here.
      I know there is a hummingbird and a cat pattern, I downloaded both when they were offered as free patterns, This month it is a deer.
      You can buy the whole set very reasonably
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        For Fretwork, bookmark the following sites:
        {on the left side of your screen, under heading Scrolling community, go to Other Great Sites, then click on Retailers. All my suggestions are listed there.}

        The Wooden Teddy Bear

        Cherry Tree Toys

        Wildwood Designs

        Berry Basket

        The following are not listed in "Other Great Sites" as far as I know:

        Steebar (

        Peculiar Fretworks Victorian Scroll Saw Patterns.

        And don't forget our friend Pedro over in Spain

        The following are listed under Other Great sites then under Artisans:

        Dirk Bolemen: The Art Factory

        While your are there, click on Arnold Volker's link. Very good stuff, even if the site is in German.

        Rick Hutcheson:

        And I also recommend the Wilcken Brothers.
        (A copy of their catalog can be found on the of Rick Hutcheson's site. Link on Rick's Home Page. Rick only post a copy of the Wilcken's catalog only as a service to the scroller community.)




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