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Cutting stone tile with scroll saw

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  • Cutting stone tile with scroll saw

    Hi there, I don't have a scroll saw as yet - am trying to determine if it is what I need! Is it possible to cut jerusalem limestone tile (8"x8"x3/8"thick) with a scroll saw? What I want to do is insert ready made mosaic pieces into a background of the solid limestone tile, and need to make the cutouts out of the 8x8s - lots of curves etc, not straight lines. If it is possible, what blade should I use and, which scroll saw would be best (not too expensive of course!). Any advice appreciated! Many thanks!
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    IMHO, I think any natural stone could not be cut by normal scroll saw blades. The Teeth of our wood and plastic blades just won't cut natural stone. Glass cutting diamond friction cutting blades are available, but gosh they are expensive. This link: scroll to bottom of page.

    Note: friction cutting blades require a cooling lubricant drip system, which I believe only the high end Hawk scroll saw has a system adding a drip system. You would also need a scroll saw whose lower arm and blade chuck are designed for a drip system (water and rust and all that.) See the following: and look for accessories - scroll saw. Hawk industries may sell diamond friction cutting blades also.

    A Hawk scroll saw will not be inexpensive.

    But I am asking, have you considered doing a Google search on a PC driven Water Jet cutter? Or even a sandblasting cabinet? I would think, not having tried it myself, that a PC driven water jet cutter would price out about equal to a Hawk and accessories.

    BTW: Welcome to the forum. I hope you get the advise you are seeking. Others, I am sure, will add their advise.



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      ACP, I would send an e-mail to [email protected] and ask him about blades for cutting stone tile. Phil is most likely right, I believe you have to get water involved with cutting stone tile.
      Mick, - Delta P-20

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        Cutting stone tile with a scroll saw

        Hi Phil and Mick
        Thank you both for your replies. I looked at the PC driven waterjet cutter - it looks a bit technical to me and I'm only doing this one job (sorry, forgot to add that bit to original post!). Hawk Woodworking will be too expensive! I will also e-mail Mike as well and ask him. Out of interest ... have you seen a DREMEL SCROLL SAW MODEL # 1800 - I just thought that with a 16472 Carbide-Coated Scroll Saw Blade it might work.
        However, I'll e-mail Mike as suggested and see what he says.
        Again many thanks.


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          Hmmmm.... not sure I'd want to use my saw for a job like that. I think I'd be more inclined to fit a multi-tool into a router base and attach a grinding bit.

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            Not only does Hawk carry glass and tile blades, but they also have a water flow attachment just for this very job. I'd love to buy those accessories and give it a try, but don't really want the mess in my woodshop.
            Jeff Powell


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              Try a stained glass saw

              I do a little work making stained glass windows, etc., and have a water cooled stained glass saw that wasn't too expensive. I got it a few years ago, and haven't really used it as much as I thought I would, so I don't remember too many details. I found that cutting glass with the saw was much slower than just cutting with a hand-held glass cutter. The point is that this kind of saw might work really well for stone or tile. I haven't tried it. The price certainly wasn't anything like the price of a scroll saw. The blade is a round diamond blade.

              Just go to a local stained glass store and have them show you their saws. They could probably tell you whether it would work for you or not, but I bet it would.


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                Here is a site what sells diamond
                Mikesworkshop does not sell diamond blades.
                SD Mike


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