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Sakura 21" - Good all purpose scroll saw

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  • Sakura 21" - Good all purpose scroll saw

    I found a older 21" Sakura (orange) on a stand that looks to be a very good shape. I believe it is 5 speeds with a belt move. Seems like a pretty solid machine. I know PS wood carries replacement parts - so that is a positive.

    I am a general purpose woodworker - not really a scroll sawer. But I thought adding a decent scroll saw to my shop might come in handy from time-to-time. I am planning on making some lamps and clocks and thought I may want to do some cutouts. Figure the scroll saw would might come in handy - and they are not that big. Heck I might even find I really like scrolling

    Would the Sakura 21" be a good choice for occasional use as a general purpose scroll saw - since I don't really have a specific scroll saw niche?

    Any other scroll sawI should consider for the $225 they are asking for the Sakura?

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    Before I get too far, I would like to point out that Scroll Saw choice is almost a religious experience for some, and since this particular saw has never reached critical mass, you won't find a lot of folks shouting the praises of this saw. That doesn't mean it isn't good, it just means not a lot of people have gone down that route.

    The most expensive saw out there is the Hegner Polymax, and it has a similar belt driven system. I don't think that aspect would scare me. You can look up the pswood saw demonstration on youtube and see how the blade changes work (everything is above the table) and see how easy it is to roll the belt to change speeds.

    For $200, I think I would risk it if the saw was in excellent shape. I almost bought one in my area for about that same price a few years back. I have two Hegners, and to me, there is a lot of similarity between those saws. (and that is the kind of comment that will raise the Ire of the Hegner faithful).

    I reached out to Rick Hutcheson ( to see if he could supply some perspective. He is a very accomplished cutter, and has experience with a lot of different saws. He won a PS Wood saw a year or so back, so he might be able to give you a more experienced based answer than from those of us that never laid hand on one.

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      I have a 21" Sakura and am pleased with it. I did add the quick change upper blade clamp which I recommend. It has done everything I've tried on it. No problems, seems to be well built and the only repair items I've purchased is a new belt (I suppose after 20 years they wear out!). PS Woods does have the repair parts that may be needed.


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        I agree with what has been said. Not a lot of them in use but they are a good saw.
        Rick Hutcheson


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          I have not seen this saw but I have a Hegner Polymax with belt drive and I like it. Variable speed controllers can be a source of problems, as can a brushed, universal motor. If your saw has an induction motor like a Hegner I bet it will last a long time. I have a 1988 Jet scroll saw that has an induction motor and it just keeps running. It is my most used saw. A good friend of mine had to replace the universal motor on his DeWalt five times in five years. He cuts thicker woods to make toys and that kills those motors.
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            Thnx Jim

            I agree with your point about variable spreed. I bought a nice lathe and opted for the 8 speed belt vs the variable speed. I think eletronics and dust/vibration is a bad combo. Long term a belt is easy to replace - especially since I will not be a heavy scroller. Also agree on universal vs induction.

            Hegner is a nice saw - I cannot find them used very often here locally.


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