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  • Stupid Question #3

    What is the difference between segmatation and intarsia?
    They to me look the same.
    So what is the difference?

    thanks in advance

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    The difference (at least in my mind) is that segmentation is cut from 1 piece of wood while intarsia uses different woods and different grain directions and such to do the piece. The shaping and such are very similar.
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      You'll get more opinion is the Intartia and Segmentation area.

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        Ok Dale, here is my 2 cts worth. it is my understanding, like kevin said. segmentation is cut from one piece, But I think it could be cut from differant woods too. the same as intasia. but seg is lefted in places to give dimention. with little or no filler underneath. and the sides of the peices are not rounded off. they both give dimition. how ever I think that intarsia. is cut in differat thickness too. and with the grain to show more deapth. welllll. both could be i guess. but mostly the intasia. is sanded to give a real life look. with what i think started with differant woods for color. and segmentation. is cut strait. no sanding on sides to give deabth. just lefted or lowered. the shadows would be differant for sure. for me, I think intasia, might be harder. for when sanding the sides of the pieces. you might run into. some spaceing you don't wont. so they have to cut a piece, line up the next peice to cut. and sand. with seg. you can just cut the peices out all at once. and play with the lefting and lowering. to give the same alostion. dang can't spell. but hope you get my dreft. I think they are both just as good as each other. but with some differant thinking involved. one is more puzzale like, and the other is too. but with more conturing. make sence ??? your friend Evie


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          Not to offend anyone, but back in the early 70's some scroll saw people referred to today's term of "segmented" scroll saw work, as Puzzle Cutting, and in many ways projects looked like a puzzle! Remember, that this was a time when people called the scrolling machines of the era Jig Saw's and today's hand held electric Sabre Saw's were sometime referred to as Scroll Saw's!

          Now wasn't that a simple explanation?

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            A lil history lesson.
            As for history, I doubt I would be scrollsawing if I had to pedal a saw like them old ones were! I tried it a couple times,....not pretty!
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