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  • single phase power

    i have just noticed on the scrollsaw i am thinking of buying, it says, power, single phase, what exactly does that mean, and can i just plug it in..

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    Since nobody has tried to answer this question, I'll dispense such meagre knowledge as I have!

    Single phase machines can be run off domestic electricity supplies, whereas three phase machines require more power than a domestic supply can provide and are normally only used in industrial environments. You'll be able to just plug your saw straight into the household electricity, Steve.

    I only know this because I was once involved in buying a heavy-duty enameling kiln for some craft workers in a community centre I used to run. I had to arrange the installation of a three phase electricity supply for them.

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      I know absolutely nothing about this...which is why I've kept out of it!!!



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        Steve, Gill is right in that most of your domestic electircity supply is single phase. I believe in England you use 100 Volt at 50 Hz single phase for your domestic supply. 3 phase is used for larger industiral motors with 200 volts or greater that is usually greater than 2 horsepower.

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          That is a good point and question...I always double check when looking through any want-ads to make sure it's not a 3phase tool. It's pretty common that I find a tool at a great price and then's 3phase. I know you can get a 3 phase converter for your home/shop..but I don't know how that works or what it involves, I just stay away from that.
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            Hmmm..I thought it had to do with the moon....I'd better shut up.

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              Here is some understandable info on it


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                thank you for a very detailed explanation on the electricity supply, so long as i can just 'plug it in' i will be ok.
                many thanks (especially Gill)


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