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Which Scroll Saw in the UK?

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  • Which Scroll Saw in the UK?

    As you can see, I'm not really decided on which saw, or which site to buy a saw from! I guess you can't really answer the first question until you've owned a saw and worked out what features are important to you. So, if anyone can lend a helping hand then I'd very much appreciate your input.

    Thank you all very much for taking the time to read this,

    regards Peter

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    Peter, first welcome to the forum, it is good to see someone else from across the pond.

    To answer your question of getting the right saw is basically in line with the question of "What is the Meaning of Life". There are many things to consider as you have already addressed. Cost is most important however the longevity and quality of cut are major factors. I know from previous discussions that scroll saws are not abundant in selection or inexpensive in the UK. With that said, if you are looking to move to the US in the near future you may want to hold off on the purchase until that time, whereas more reasonable (financially speaking) options may exist, especially considering the sliding US dollar versus the Euro.

    Theere are a few good folks from the UK that lurk and post upon this forum and perhaps they can offer better advice.

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      Hi Peter

      Happy New Year and welcome to the forum.

      If there's the possibility that you'll be moving to the US, I would have thought the wise approach would be to wait a little before buying a saw. After all, UK electrical items are not directly compatible with US power systems.

      The Hegner and Delta saws are both good machines but I don't have any knowledge of the Dremel so I can't comment. The Hegner 1 does not have a quick blade change mechanism or variable speed, both of which are available with the Delta and are especially desirable if you're going to do a lot of piercing work. However, it's a very comfortable, powerful, quiet and reliable workhorse.

      You may also wish to consider the APTC AWFS18 which I should imagine Chris (who owns one of these beasties) will be happy to discuss further.

      I've no knowledge of the DIY Tools website so I can't comment on it. However, Hobbies is a well-established reputable company and I'd have no qualms about trading with them online.

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        hi peter
        i asked this very question only a week ago, i am new here too, but the responce and friendship is second to none.
        i went through quite a few scrollsaws and was finally lead to this one :!TB_DEL40540
        i will be ordering it early in the new year.
        hope you enjoy your time here.


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          hello peter
          i will be buying this saw from this company very soon, i asked a similar question to you about a week ago, when i first joined, and through this forum it was narrowed down to this saw!TB_DEL40540 would be the best of the ones i looked at.
          welcome to the forum and happy scrolling.


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            Welcome to the best forum on the web, Peter. For my 2 cents worth, I wouldn't buy a saw I couldn't see. There are a lot of considerations in selecting a saw and only the potential buyer can prioritize that list: cost, accuracy, ease of changing blades, throat depth, vibration, speed control, table tilt. If you can find a local scrollsaw club, seek them out for advice.

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              Peter -

              I recently bought the Axminster AWFS18

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                Another UK member of the forum, chrispuzzle, bought an 18" Axminster saw recently, and it looks like a lot of saw for the money. You might want to search his posts for more information.

                Welcome aboard!


                Edit: Crossed posts with Chris, but I'll leave it stand just to add my 2 shekels that the saw looks like a winner.
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                  Peter's first post got caught up in our anti-spam measures and as a result three separate threads were created. I've merged all three threads into this one for the sake of tidiness. If some some posts seem a bit out of synch, that's the reason why .

                  There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                  (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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                    Thanks Gill. Sorry for the confusion - I posted twice originally because I didn't realise there was a delay between posting and the post appearing. I feel a bit dumb but no harm done,

                    cheers Peter


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                      Hi Peter

                      There isn't normally a delay in posting - it only applies to relative newcomers under certain circumstances as part of our anti-spam/security measures. You weren't to know that.

                      There is no opinion, however absurd, which men will not readily embrace as soon as they can be brought to the conviction that it is readily adopted.
                      (Schopenhauer, Die Kunst Recht zu Behalten)


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