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    Hi guys some here say I don't do it the wright way I guss but I have fun. great sport


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      I was wondering if a person could paint the different pieces till i can go get some different colored wood.
      no where around here close has different kinds.
      Closes is 20 miles away but they only have local woods like walnut, oak,

      have to go to springfield, Mo for other species.. 60 miles away.

      Maybe after the new year starts and the drunks are off the road



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        I use stuff I find at the lumberyard and can get most of the colors out of that, or stain it, or use acrylic wash, or leather dye, or many of the other variations that folks on this board have suggested If you go to the lumberyard, be sure to look in their discard/burn pile, that's where the best stuff is! Some of the best colors of wood I have gotten are from 1x6 cedar fence pickets. A cabinet maker here in town also gave me a few bits and pieces. Don't be embarrassed to paint; I've seen some first class painted intarsia.

        Be afraid, though, because you are entering the world of hardcore addiction. I was just looking at these smilies on the right hand side of the reply screen and thinking, "Wow, these would look really nice in intarsia..." You will start to view the world as only a collection of items waiting to be drawn, sanded, and glued!


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          use lead based paint lays down heavier <wink>
          Jeff Powell


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            Jeff, I think you nibbled on to many lead base painted window sills as a kid.

            Something tells me the Rigid orange color attracted you the most.

            Hawk G4, Dremel 1800

            Quando Omni Flunkus Moritati


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              I am guessing that your clamps have probably spread due to usage. I am not aware of any aftermarket clamps that fit your saw. Did you look at to see if they sell clamps for your model? Sorry I could not be of more help.
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              I have a craftsman saw. The blade just slips out.
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              No. I haven't tried that yet...
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              I put those on my 20" Dewalt a couple years ago. Big improvement from the one Dewalt had....
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              We need to know what saw you are using, as they have different clamps.
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