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    I posted about Tung Oil, and how to remove the smell of the oil.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Jim form Ontario

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    A little about 100% Tung Oil


    Tung Oil is a natural oil, that dries very slow, as it contains no solvents or metallic driers to speed up the drying or curing of this coating.

    The Tung Oil should be wiped or the piece dipped, and then allowed to soak into the wood, and then "wiped dry."

    Some woodworkers allow the piece to dry overnight, some others may apply one coat in the morning, and a second coat at night. The longer you allow this oil to dry the better, because oil finishes dry from the top down, the longer it dries the more the entire coating will cure.

    Because, you will wipe off every coating that you apply, you will only leave a very thin film, which is why "oil finishes" need several coats to look good.

    If you did not wipe off the excess oil, but kept adding more coats it will take much longer to lose the smell. Another factor is the ambient temperature where you were leaving the piece dry, and the air circulation in that room.

    Heat, is always better for drying coatings, be the coatings evaporative or reactive.

    You need to be very careful about placing it outside now as you may cause the coating to crack. I cannot tell you when the odor will leave, but in due time it will.

    P.S. I don't think adding any other coating at this stage will make any difference getting rid of the odor.

    Good Luck


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      See that's the problem with us beginners. We haven't developed the patience to allow something to dry overnight. haha.

      We just can't wait to see that finished product.
      John Patrick, Bird Oasis
      Using Dewalt DW788. Working on a new line of birdhouses and bird feeders for the store.

      I welcome any and all ideas for bird friendly scrolling.


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