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    To Roif thank you for that Fretwork angel, very nice, is that for coping?

    To all other members.

    I should have been more aquit on my first posting.
    There is one other that I am looking for.

    I was on the web two weeks ago, and saw a fretwork angel.
    I have tried to find the site for this angel but no luck.
    Could someone help me find this angel. I do not know if it
    is pattern or just a image, is it a download or a purchased

    Floating ( no feet showing )
    Dress and wings are Fretwork
    Face is silhouette with a hallow
    She has a harp in her arms
    Jim R
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    Fretwork Angels

    I am not sure if I have seen that angel before but I do have a link with tons of angels that could be used as fretwork
    This is a dingbat link. I may have posted it before I am not sure.
    But if you are looking for Winnie the Pooh, Angels, animals, unusual letters, almost any graphic for scrolling then this is a great link.

    The files are TTF files which means you can install them as fonts. Many are available for Macs there too. The computer not the finisher
    Once you have them installed you can open character map, in your Windows Accessories/System tools menu and preview the characters.

    Some will need a little tweaking before you can use them as a pattern but there are so many to chose from.
    Hope some will work for you
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      Hi Jim,

      The image I posted was a copy of the picture that was in the book.
      As Carl mentioned It is in the Art of Scrollwork by Patrick Speilman.
      I found it in my library and it has the patterns in it.
      To me it is one of the nicest Angels that I have seen.
      I hope to get the book for Christmas as it has a few other things in it that I would like to make. There is a super Wizard in the back (no patterns)
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