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    Quetion about the pattern offer it talks about Woodworking and Chapel Publishing offers. Are they refering to a subscription or emial offers?

    JIm R

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    Pretty sure that if you buy a 2 year subscription to the magazine, you get a free book of patterns.
    Jeff Powell


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      Not sure which offer you are referring to - there is a section on the web where you can download free patterns.... If you elaborate on which offer you mean, I can give you more details.


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        Yeah, Im not quite sure which offer you are refering to. There is a free issue offer (right side of screen), to see if you like the magazine. Thats a no strings attached deal. There is a free scrollsaw patterns (left side of screen) of some nice patterns made available online, again, no strings attached. And, there is a free offer of a Ultimate pattern collection with a two year paid subscription (left side of screen under subscribe today I think), the only catch involved is you better have a lot of time , because you definatly will be addicted to scrolling with that many patterns! Hopefully I touched on the one you were referring to. Dale
        Dale w/ yella saws


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          Follow up on patterns

          Originally posted by Shannon
          Not sure which offer you are referring to - there is a section on the web where you can download free patterns.... If you elaborate on which offer you mean, I can give you more details.


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            Hi Jim,
            To get the free patterns, you just need to sign up for the promotional e-mails by giving your e-mail address. I'm sure the other members here will agree that the e-mails usually offer some great deals. You don't need to subscribe to the magazine to get the free scroll saw patterns from the website.

            Does that answer your question?

            Bob Duncan
            Technical Editor


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              Yes, what Bob says is right. If you dont mind an occasional email letting you know of a special sale on some great scrolling and carving titles marked down dirt cheap, some as low as $3 if I remember right. Its not a frequent thing, you dont even get one email offer a week by signing up, but when you do get an email offer, its always a good deal.I bought many books from one of those special offer emails, and would recommend you try it for yourself. Dale
              Dale w/ yella saws


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                Jim I was introduced to this forum a while back- over a year or two now- through those free patterns on the left- I used them and have been hooked ever since. I must admit if you can get the subscription get it - you will never be sorry


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