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Blade Clamp broke

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  • Blade Clamp broke

    Hi all

    First off, I know my scroll saw is somewhat cheap, but what do you expect for a beginner..... I have a Ryobi 16' SC163VS that I think sells for about $100, I have done three maybe four projects on it ( X-mas ornaments) and the blade clamp screw broke. I know this girl cant be a brute but not that much, (just call me Zena), heehee ; p... Need help on trying to rig this puppy so I can use it again so that it's easier to use and without having to go buy a bunch of screws just in case I brake the next one.
    Thanks for all your help.

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    Re: Blade Clamp broke

    My only suggestion is DTR....dump the ryobi! lol Get the DeWalt! I will add to this, I just heard from a scroller that the Delta 20 or 120 something like that is actually better or will give DeWalt a run for its money,,,,so....I would look at both at least!


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      Re: Blade Clamp broke

      i had a simmilar saw foor about two weeks. i agree, dump the saw. i bought a comprable delta saw for around $100. If you keep the saw, i found thumb screws at the store. Remember that this is a metric machine. I belive they were 13mm. I could be wrong. one word oof caution. After I got a new clamp (ryobi sent me one on warranty) the orther screws and heads were breaking on me. If you just bought hte machine, try returning the machine.


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