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RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

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  • RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

    I want to buy a good scroll saw that is easy to adjust tension
    and change blades. I am considering the Hegner, Excalibur and RBI.
    and maybe the Eclipse.
    How do these compare for tensioning and blade changing?
    Any comments appreciated.

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    Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

    from what I hear, those are all fine....but expensive...I bought a DeWalt from toolking that is outstanding for a lot less money...just my opinion! (take a look )


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      Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

      I agree with Dave (Hi-Ho). The Dewalt is easy to use. Blade changing is simple and the tension adjustment is right up front and easy to see. I suggest the add-on lever arm that I got with mine. It holds up the arm when you're changing blades or starting a new cut. The others are probably better but a lot more money.


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        Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

        A word of caution on the DeWalt .... they have just changed suppliers and the saws are now manufactured in Asia. I'd hold off a bit and see if they are still of the same quality.


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          Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

          wouldn't necessarily have to hold off...toolking has factory reconditioned tools (like new) so those would be the older ones...just an idea. (also cheaper!)


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            Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

            Hi Scott,
            Here is a tread about the Eclipse:
            Domain for Sale. Request Price. What Are the Advantages of a Super Premium .Com Domain? Increased Traffic. Search Engine Ranking. Brand Recognition. Immediate Presence. Higher Profits. Great Investment. #1 in Premium Domains. 300,000 of the World's Best .Com Domains.

            You can contact Ernie Mellon at:
            [email protected]
            Phone: 804-779-3549
            It is the only saw with a true vertical cut. The next one is the Hegner.
            I see on some other boards that people are starting to like the Delta P-20 more than the DeWalt. I don't have any of them.
            If you want the best price on a Hegner saw, email me at: [email protected]. I have a phone number for you to call. You can get the show price, free delivery, free stand, 20 year waranty.
            Mike M
            SD Mike


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              Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

              I have the RBI Hawk 220, No worry about tenison as it is always the same. RBI usually have sales and on sale they are a lot less, I have tried the DeWalt and it is a fine saw. I also had a chance to purchase a Delta ss0250 for $50 new and for a cheap scrollsaw it is one of the better ones for around $100 dollars. But no match with the DeWalt or RBI, The hegner was a little more to operat it and adjustment on tension was not to my likeing but do know people who loves them. I would say, buy what you can afford. The Delta ss0250 normally is $129 at Sears and $99 at Lowes but found this deal at Lowes after Christmas and bought it to use for minor stuff. Never will it replace my RBI. RBI also has sales after therir spring,summer and fall demostrations and can get them way below cost. Nothing wrong with them as I bought mine that way. RBI&ltEWALT to me are some of the finer scroll saws. You might checl Grizzly for one at The have some good products on the lower price scale.


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                Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                I forgot to add, get your blades from Mike at:
                [email protected]

                He has some of the best quailty bades.


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                  Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                  Here's my experience ..
                  Have owned three saws; a ryobi, dewalt and rbi 220. The ryobi is only fit for use as a boat anchor, the dewalt is a really good saw, and the rbi is even better (also more expensive, bigger and heavier). I wouldn't have any problem recommending either the dewalt or rbi. It pretty much depends on how much you plan on using it. With the rbi you get bearings instead of bushings and other industrial/heavy use features as well as the easiest tensioning system on the planet.


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                    Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                    Here is my take on a scrollsaw brand. I own a dewalt, hegner(earlier model), rbi 220, & rbi 226. Of all the saws the rbis get the most use. The dewalt I got on a clearance sale that I couldn't pass up. I had to add a lift arm kit to raise the arm when you take the blade out to do fret work. All controls are up front which is easy. The hegner was my first saw after a dremel but I made the mistake of buying a 16'. Now that saw gets occasional use. Very good saw but pricey. I then bought the rbi 220 & 226 Yes they are pricey but I happen to think they are the cadillac of saws. (my opinion)!!!! The blade changing system is one of the easiest out there and the tensioning system is also easy. The buzz I read about on other forums is the delta p20. It is supposed to be a very good saw and inexpensive. I just never did like delta's blade holders. I don't think you can go wrong with any of these saws. I would say If you have a chance to go to a woodworking show they are always demonstrating these saw there and you could get a good deal. Good Luck
                    John T.


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                      Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                      I bought a little RBI in '85 and used and loved it to death. About 4 years ago I had to replace it and decided to 'upscale' so I ordered a 30' Excalibur which arrived broken. The company said to send it back and they would refund the $75 shipping cost. HA!! I'm still waiting for that $75.
                      On the Excalibur, blade changing is a snap but tensioning is difficult and the machine requires almost daily oiling - messy and time consuming. Even at top speed it's too slow for me.
                      I REALLY hate the blasted thing.........I want my RBI back.

                      I don't do enough scrolling to justify replacing it so I think I'm stuck. I'm no expert, but IMHO if you buy an Excalibur you'll be stuck too.


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                        Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                        Hi clockman! are you the same one from justwoodworking? (chips!)


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                          Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                          I am just starting to get going in scrolling. I received a Craftsman 16' for Christmas. How does this rate in the scroll saw arena?


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                            Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                            I want to thank everyone for all the informative replies about
                            the pros and cons of the saws. I am now leaning towards the
                            RBI 26' and there's a wood show coming up. So, I'm
                            going to go and test it out there. Maybe get a good show
                            Thanks again!


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                              Re: RBI or Hegner or Excalibur

                              Scott, The only other comment I can make and I am Bias to RBI, I would test the Hawk 220 and the 226 and compare. Both excellent scroll saws but A little less vibration with the 220 versus the 226. May have been the set up on both at my friends shop but the 220 had less vibration than the 226.
                              The the gentleman on the Craftman 16' scroll saw. For the cheaper price it is a nice one. Have had one for 15 years,the same one, but had to repare it twic but has not been used since the Hawk 220 was bought. I love the 220.


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