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  • Why more than one forum

    I just don't understand why they have 3 forums for scroll sawing. :
    Why don't we all just use the 'General Scroll Saw' site. If you look ate the Holiday forum, there is nothing and the forum for beginners, not much either. I just heard from one who never goes to that forum.
    What is a beginner anyway? How long does it take that they can post in the general scroll saw forum?

    Mike M

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    Re: Why more than one forum

    Mike M;
    I totally agree. Three forums just for scrolling is overkill. One general scrollsaw forum should be able to cover everything related to scrollsawing and make the forum faster and easier to use. I just use the General one and check the other two maybe once every couple months.


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      Re: Why more than one forum

      Bill is that all you do is come to web sites that offer forums for people to get help and try to force your opinions on that site and all the people involved. You are a pompus aruse. You do think that you are better than everyone.


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        Re: Why more than one forum

        Not at all better than anyone else. I learn a lot by exchanging ideas on forums. I just try to help but some dont appreciate it. mostly the ones with false names .
        Takes all kinds.


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          Re: Why more than one forum

          William, I think I found the perfect site for you


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            I often resize just to fit the size of the wood I have on hand. I agree this is a no win situation because of the various software, hardware differences plus the skill level of us, the end users. Even providing the patterns in a digitized format will no fix this because of the reasons I already mentioned....
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            Maybe nothing has changed ? But is there anything that can be done to make it easier. The very large projects are difficult to copy over several pages and put together properly. I believe in making improvements and not preserving the status quo.

            I enjoy the challenge of cutting a project...
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            This is not a problem with the magazine for my issue.. It is a problem with the book having resized the drawings without giving the actual size.

            I do again apologize for my post.. I cannot use the right words to explain it.. so maybe someone should just remove the post....
            Yesterday, 07:29 PM
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            Reading these replies, I am still trying to figure out what the problem really is. I haven't noticed changes in how they publish recently and I don't think I ever had trouble making copies of of the patterns I want to cut.

            How did you copy the patterns 10 years ago? What has changed?...
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