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  • Ex 21 saw

    I wont to get started in scrool sawing ; I need a saw that I can start on .
    I am open to suggestions . I have worked with steel and wood most of my
    life. I am now 62 years of age . I am leaning toward buying the Ex 21 .
    Thanks for any and all Help.

    P/S I just joined : This is a very worth while site.

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    Hi Don,

    Welcome to the forum. You're right, this is a very worthwhile site.

    I was actually leaning towards an Excalibur myself. I believe they are American made and I haven't heard of problems with these saws like I have all the other brands. However, due to my limited finances I just purchased a used, older Dewalt off Ebay and am very happy with it. Unfortunately, there are a number of people who have purchased the newer Dewalts in the last year that are much less than happy with them. There are a few members who are using the Excalibur and they can probably shed some light on their experiences.

    Good luck whatever direction you go and come back often.

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      The EX21 is a very nice saw. Its blade clamps, tensioning, and speed adjustments are very similar to the dewalts. In fact, they (The dewalts and Excalibers)were once made by the same company. The tilting saw/stationary table is a neat idea.My thoughts on the tilt system..... It is nice, seems like making long continuous angled cuts it would be much more user friendly. I wasnt happy with adjustment setup on it. True, none of the scrollsaws out there have a dead on accurate way of setting the table to various angles, but I expected for the cost of the Excal that there would be some sort of fine adjustment to get dead on accurate mitered cuts. I wasnt impressed with that to much.I also didnt care for the speed adjustment knob, although for what it is it works fine. The saw is very well built (Canadian built I think). The last I heard, there was a two month waiting list for the saw, mainly because the Sommerville production of the saws was purchased by General tools, and the transition time. If you do in fact buy one of the Excaliber saws, I am confident you will be very happy with it, and it will serve you for many years without troubles, and exceed your expectations.
      Out of curiousity, what features made you choose this saw over others such as the Delta p20, or the Dewalt 788 , two other midpriced saws that both have performed real well, except for Dewalts recent issues on some of the saws? Dale
      Dale w/ yella saws


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        Welcome Don! If you can get to a woodworking show, this is the time of the year they are starting up, it would be worth your while to go. Usually your top name scrollsaws are there. You can watch a demonstration and also try out different machines and decide which one you like best. Plus, as a show special they usually throw in "extras" that amount to $100's of dollars for free. I bought my hegner this way and got a free foot pedal, magnifying light, blades, table, plus as 20 year FULL warranty on the motor as "show specials". Another thing with the warranty, I learned this at a show last year, if you use it more than 10 hours a week, sell at craft shows, they may consider it "commercial" use and void the warranty. I won't mention the manufacturer but I was rather surprised at this. And it was stated by the demonstrator at the show!! My hegner has a full 20 year commercial warranty. I have had it for 5 years and the most I do is oil it every 10 hours, replace the rollers about twice a year that hold the tension and vacuum it to keep as much of the dust as possible off the motor. That's it! I do wish it had drop down threading of the blade, or whatever it is called but I manage. I'm sure you're going to get alot of info in here about all the different saws we all use, so read, try them out at a show, buy and ENJOY!!!


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          Ex 21 and Welcome

          I wont to think you all for the welcome ; Lucky an answer to your ??? is
          I found most of the info on the internet . I started with wonting my shop
          to be all Delta Tooling .I found out Delta dose not have some things I wonted
          I wont to stay with american built tools . I have to buy the best first ; I
          cannot do this each year or so. I have to try and do it right the first time.
          I have heard some good words on the Ex 21.
          I have not seen any one from Texas on this forum. I know I have not been
          hear long . I live in Sherman Tx. We dont have a scrool saw club hear that I
          have found or any woodworking shows . We are 60 miles N. of Dallas Tx.
          I will serch it out more .

          Thanks for the reply on Ex 21. Don


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            Don...We have another member in Sherman TX. He is "Old Mooner". You should send him a PM.
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