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  • Photograph sawing

    Well I didnt know what to put for the title to make any sense out of it.

    My wife and I baby sit a 3 year old girl.. She is so good you wouldnt know she was three. Well behaved and all. Now to my question.

    I have taken a picture of her and have made it grayscale, took it into Photo shop CS2 and made it mostly black and white. Is that all that is done or should I do something else. I havent tried anything like this so Im really a newbeeeeeee.
    I have cut out her name and her sisters name but want to do this for her so maybe she will remember PawPaw dale when she grows up.

    Thanks in advance..

    PS I know I ask alot of questions Sorry.


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    Dale, never apologize for a lot of questions. Instead, some of us should sometimes apologize for some of our answers.

    With some photos, you can maybe get by with just what you did. When you print it out, does it look like it will make a good pattern? Have you used the paint bucket to check for floaties (fall outs?) Many pattern designers use Corel PSP, some use Coyote and some Photoshop. They all work differently. There are sites you can go to for hints and tips but I don't recall their location at this time. I enrolled in Pattern Academy, which is a free pattern designing tutorial offered thru "Free Scrollsaw Patterns" site. The tutorial utilized PSP. I learned a lot from that but haven't had much chance to apply it yet except for a photo of my wife and a dog I couldn't find a pattern for. Even once the pattern looks OK, be prepared to use the pencil and eraser in Photoshop to add, take away and smooth things out. Pattern designing is a whole new ball game. A person can spend just as much if not more time designing the pattern than they do cutting it.

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      Check out Gary Browning's book Scroll Saw Portraits from Fox Chapel. He does fantastic work and the instructions are straight forward. I have tried my hand at it but am not yet satisfied since I am using a version of Adobe Photo Editor that came with my printer and it is probably not as high tech as it should be.
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        if you would like to post a pic of what you have done so far, perhaps we can try to give you some pointers and help you through it. I am still pretty new to it myself, but will be glad to try to help. Mike is right, it's a whole new ball game , but just like scrolling, I didn't start learning it 'till I started doing it ......and asking questions
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          I will have to figure out how to post the pic.



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            Dale, hit the "Go Advanced" button under the quick reply message box at the bottom of the page.. Then scroll down a bit and you'll see the "Manage Attachments" button.

            Once you click on that botton you'll see 5 browse buttons. Click on the first one. It will open the windows browser where you will need to find your photo. Once you find the photo then click on the open button and your photo will be placed in the field next to the browse button you clicked on before.

            Now hit the upload button.

            The photo is now attached to the message. Once you type a message about the photo with additional quesitons hit the Submit Reply button and walla, you're now an advanced forum user. Time to celebrate!
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              There is a free tutorial that is being presented on the msn free patterns area.
              It teaches you how to create your own patterns from photo's using Paint Shop Pro.
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