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air nozzle on dewalt

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  • air nozzle on dewalt

    my friend gave me his dewalt ss but it is missing the black air nozzle tubing it just has a transparent pvc tubing coming out of the air assembly, it blows air but very difficult to maintain on the project as it is not rigid. Can i just buy the black tennis ball tube by itself and cover the pvc tube? is so where can i buy one. i found one place where its used for oil, but its $20 and in that price i can buy the whole set for dewalt.
    any suggestions would be appreciated

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    The easiest thing to do is to get the setup from DeWalt. The other tube you found may not fit your saw.

    Another thing you may try is to tape a bendable wire to the tube to hold it in place. Im thinking 12 or 10 gauge solid copper like whats in romex cable. I don't think stranded would be stiff enough. You may be able to get it per foot at big box store. Maybe a friend has some leftover from a wiring project.

    Or, you could blow it off yourself with a straw, but it's hard to control the wood as you pass out : )

    If you do go with the oil tube, get enough so you can blow the dust away from you, the DeWalt "tennis ball tube" isn't really long enough to do this.

    Have fun,
    tenfingers 2
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      thanks 10fingers, i tried the wire thingy but its only helpful for some extent, right now i, using the air hose from my compressor set at 20 psi and so far its working great but was thinking of moving the saw to a different location so i;ll just to go to ereplacementparts and order it from there
      thanks for all your help


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        Zipri maybe you could use this hose sold by Mike Workshop
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          I took the little little pointy end piece out of a cheapo ballpoint stick pen.

          shoved it into the end of the tube, works great, cost was nothing.


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            I have a fan blowing across my scroll saw table that blows the sawdust away and cools me at the same time.
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