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connecting the ears?

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  • connecting the ears?

    I am making the "Freestanding Fretwork Clock" at
    Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts - Freestanding Fretwork Clock

    Could some seasoned pro look at the pattern and tell me how the "legs" are connected to the fretwork. I have a hard time believing thatjust glue holds it together. THANKS.


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    Looks to me as if the ears are just glued to the back and then the support is attached with pins to the ears. And yep, if the glued surfaces are smooth when glued up then the wood will break before the glue joint will.
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      The directions give you all the information you need. "glue and clamp the ears to the back of the clock". Use a good wood glue and clamp in place. As long as you have good mating surfaces and clamp till the glue sets, you will have a good glue joint. As pat c mentioned, the wood will break before the glued joint will! Good luck.
      Dan in So.Ca.


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        After responding to this post, I just had to cut this. I stack cut two layers of 3/16" Mahogany. Used Flying Dutchman UR 1 blades. Soaked in 50/50 mix of boiled linseed oil an mineral spirits, then top coated with Deft semi gloss spray lacquer. The ears where glued with Aleen's tacky glue, and I am confident they will hold without any problem.
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        Dan in So.Ca.


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