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Johnson Paste Wax and AZ heat?

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  • Johnson Paste Wax and AZ heat?

    Ok, I've read about using Johnson Paste Wax on SS Tables but how does the wax hold up under AZ heat in the garage (100 degrees plus). Although I don't plan on working in such heat how will the Johnson Paste Wax hold up in the heat. Haven't used it yet, I'm waiting for a reply. Thanks.

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    Since I buff mine out pretty well, I've never encountered a problem but just wipe it down before you start working it should be fine.
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      I'm in Tucson and just a little cooler than you in Phoenix. My shop isn't cooled and the wax works well. Put it on and wipe it off right away. Don't let it sit there and harden, wipe it and it will make you happy.
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        I agree with what StephenD said. It has been over 101 degrees here in West Texas the past week and no problems with wax.
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          thanks for the responses. I'll be getting some wax the next time out to the store and give it a try.


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            I use it and haven't had any problems. But it is cooler here in Tempe. <wink>
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              It was "only" 113.6 here yesterday in NW AZ

              Johnson's paste wax holds up just fine, my shop is over 100 if the cooler isn't running.

              Just be sure to buff it as soon as it hazes over.

              Nancy in AZ
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                Hey, what's this 113 point 6 ??? I'd call that 114, HA It's been warmer than that here already this summer. no problem with the table, but, sure is hot. But, it's a dry heat !!!!


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                  I guess I don't fully grasp the situation

                  At 113.6 degrees who's the guy worried about j wax.can't quite grasp ,but then I'm a mite slow!
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                    The one thing I miss about West Texas is the "dry heat" where the sweat can evaporate. Unlike here in Houston where the sweat never dries nor cools you off.


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                      I have used Johnson's wax for years for my saw and planer tables
                      and to finish the items I make. Never a problem.


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                        Thanks to all that replied. I applied the wax this morning and the ss table is now slicker than - - - -(well - you fill in the blanks.) - - - - - -.


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                            Hey, it's a DRY heat, ya know! I just came in from the shop, cooler can't keep up with the heat now. Shop temp had crept up to 88 and that's too hot for me.

                            It is "cooler" today. Only 111.8 right now. LOL

                            Those of us in AZ like our climate just fine, as long as the central a/c keeps working.

                            jowevm, glad your table is now a slick one. Now watch out for sliding wood pieces.

                            Nancy in AZ
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                              Originally posted by joevm View Post
                              Thanks to all that replied. I applied the wax this morning and the ss table is now slicker than - - - -(well - you fill in the blanks.) - - - - - -.
                              ,snot on a doorknob???
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