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  • Olson conversion kit

    I have a Einhell 405 scroll saw and I was wondering if the Olsen scroll conversion kit 49610 would fit my machine. Or would you suggest I buy a new machine? I would appreciate your advice. Many thanks.

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    I am not familiar with that saw but here is a link for other conversion kits Scroll Saw Retrofit Items

    In God we trust, all others must pay cash!

    I don't want no bargains, they always cost me more money.


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      I'm not familiar with that saw either but I am familiar with the Olson conversion kit. I have one on an old Craftsman direct drive and it has broken twice in 4 months. It works fine for pinned blades but the bottom blade holder doesn't clamp the blade it pinches it and results in broken blades. The only way I found to stop this was to buy a thicker blade, Olson Precision Ground #5 works well so far. I'm not sure how your saw is set up but with this kit when you are changing to a new hole on inside cuts you have to hold up on the blade or the holder and the blade will fall. It takes some practice to be able to hold up on the blade and keep it in position on the bottom and getting it back in the holder on top and tightened back up.

      It's just my opinion but if you can afford a new saw I would buy a new one.
      It's only a mistake if someone saw you do it.

      It's not about what saw you drive. It's about the skill you drive it with.



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