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Let's Start a Club in Milwaukee Wi Area

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  • Let's Start a Club in Milwaukee Wi Area

    It seems to me I could learn from others if there were some others in the Milwaukee area. I am hew to this hobby and made many projects as a boy at the YMCA. Well you can only guess the wood shop is now a day care center and I think boys learning from men of good character and morals is lacking.
    The Woodcraft store is nearby and could be we could get their involvement.
    I just hope someone at least take the time to leave a comment.
    I remember my mom driving a long way to drop me off at the Y while she went off to girl scouts with my sisters. My dad traveled world wide as a salesman and we never did any guy things. I am retired now and would sure like to make some friends in my new hobby.

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    Hi TT,

    I was doing scroll sawing several years and just getting back into it. I live in Elkhorn, WI. which is 40 miles from Milwaukee. I could meet on Saturdays. Where is Woodcraft located? I work at Frito Lay in Beloit and buy from Cherry Tree Toys. By the way with my job and woodworking it is job to make everybody chipper. There are some lumber yards in this area who carry hardwoods. I haven't had time to check them out.

    My wife is excited about this because she is going to the mall.

    Please contact me at [email protected]

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    you can see its beginning, but not its end.


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      Starting a Scroll Saw club is a great way to network with other scrollers. I belong to to a very large woodworking club here in Southern California, and have many folks to talk woodworking with. A lot of folks rely on me for scroll saw information. I also teach scroll saw at the local Woodcraft store in Ventura, Ca. This may be your next step in getting hands on training and gaining experience on the scroll saw. I'm sure your local Woodcraft store offers scroll saw classes too.
      Dan in So.Ca.


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        OK but I want to start a club and find a place to meet

        I do think classes are money well spent. But money doesn't buy experience. I walk in to Woodcraft and can't afford much of anything.
        I want to start a group and find a place to meet.
        Woodcraft moved into my neighborhood. I just don't if they are that generous.


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          TT, on the west side of Chicago are two very active woodworking clubs which might provide some hints. I'm active in the DuPage Woodworkers (DuPage Woodworkers Home Page) and have spoken at meetings of the Fox Valley club (Fox Valley Woodworkers).

          C'mon down and attend a meeting to get a flavor of how they work.

          Good luck.



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            I worked about 10 blocks from Woodcraft so I would be interested in joining. I do belong to the Wood Workers Guild that meets there the first Thursday of the month.


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              I am slow to reply Tango. I went to your web page and think you have done some nice work. I could learn a lot from you. I live ten blocks from the Woodcraft in New Berlin. Are we talking about the same place?


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                Sttag - Yes - my work place is in Bishop's Wood's just the other side of the highway.


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                  Tango- I know it well. On the other side of Sunnyslope Rd. My mom and dad lived on Bunker Hill Drive. Dad also worked as a VP at P&H when they had offices at Bishops Woods 30 plus years ago. I go by there often to visit mom in Wauwatosa at Harwood Place Retirement living.


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                    I think (dont quote me on this) that Chris ( Kramer, the store owner at Woodcraft) would be interested in helping out if you start a club at the woodcraft in New Berlin. They are pretty generous when it comes to loaning out their scroll saws for some 4H scrollsawing events.They have a few Dewalts they have loaned out to a nearby 4h club for a few years now. i will say though, the saws they have are very worn. they do work, but they all have some glitches with them. But indeed, I think checking with them wouldnt hurt, as a couple other woodworking clubs use their facility to hold meetings. I am in Racine county, about 45 minutes drive to that Woodcraft store.
                    Dale w/ yella saws


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