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  • Starting out

    I was in Victoria BC this and saw some scroll work that was for sale and decided that it was something I would love to learn to do.
    I am getting my scroll saw for Christmas but here is my problem.
    The men in my life think that I should get a dremel or other saw that has no tablebase or whatever you call it
    I think that it would be very awkward trying to move the saw as opposed to the wood piece.What do I say to convince them they are wrong...or are they?
    I cant wait to get started.

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    Re: Starting out

    Do you mean a handheld saw (such as a saber saw)?

    I'm a beginner as well (I actually only turned on a scroll saw for the first time today) and what everyone has told me is that you get what you pay for. The less expensive machines work, but you have to contend with vibration problems, hard to change blades and other annoyances. I'm a wood carver to start, so I just want to be able to grab my tool and go.

    I'm lucky, though. Here at the Fox Chapel office, we've got the top of the line, Hergner, RBI, etc. I don't have any experience with any other saws...

    We also have a Scroll Saw buyers guide in Issue 12 of Scroll Saw Workshop. You can order the back issue by going to

    Hope this helps.



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      Re: Starting out

      I think the men who are telling you this maybe don't really know what scroll work is.....if you want to do fret work/scroll work you need a good...repeat good scrollsaw! don't get the cheapo ryobi at home depot or the cheapie delta or sears or any at least 500.00 and get something you will enjoy using, that will not vibrate like crazy, will not deafen you and something you can change blades in fast and simply...really...anything else is just a pain in the neck! imho


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        Re: Starting out

        Brenda, First of all, do what I do with the 'men in my life' say, thank you, yes dear, etc, then ignore them! LOL Seriously, before buying any scroll saw you should try several out as they all have advantages and disadvantages. The wood shows are starting up in January and this is a good place to try out the saws as all of the big names and best saws, delta, hawk, hegner, etc will be there. (Notice Sears is not listed). The price range is about $400 upwards. At the shows in addition to the saw you usually get lots of other freebies. I got my hegner at a show and got the stand, magnifying light,foot pedal, 3 blade holders, blower, 75 blades and several other items. The saw was $400 less than I would have just paid for the saw through Hegner. And they shipped it to me FREE and I didn't pay any sales tax as Delaware doesn't have any!! Save your money, have the men in your life give you money for Christmas and then go to a show and buy the most expensive saw that YOU CAN AFFORD and YOU like. If you cannot find out where and when the shows are being held, let me know and I will get the site from my hubby. I love going to these shows as there is just so much to see and buy and all at a discount. I usually spend about $1000 and end up with about $1500 of merchandise. Now that's what I call a good deal!! And don't forget your safety items - goggles, mask, air cleaner. You should have these the first time you turn on your saw and start cutting and wear them EVERY TIME you cut. These are a must for any woodworker!!! And all can be bought at the woodshow! GOOD LUCK!!!!! Now after you are scrolling, we will talk about all the other tools you need - drill press, planer, band saw, jointer, etc. LOL! I hope you enjoy scrolling as much as I do!


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          Re: Starting out

          That's some great advice! You could do fretwork with a hand-held coping saw. You could drive to work in a horse and buggy. You can do 'some' scroll work with a band saw, but not any blind holes (which is most of fretwork). But, if you want to do scroll work because it seems like something you would enjoy, don't take the joy out of it by cutting corners (no pun intended). Get good equipment and get the right equipment. Spend you time creating art or crafts, not wrestling with the wrong tools or workplace.


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