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Cutting 1.5 inch wood

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  • Cutting 1.5 inch wood

    I've been trying my hand at some toy cars that state to cut the body from 1.5-inch wood. I've cut a 2x4 with a heavy FD blade and it seems to work fine, but I started wondering if more folks cut a single 2x4 or glue up 3/4" pieces and cut that way. Is there any conventional thought on cutting thicker pieces? Are certain types of wood that has worked best for you when performing thick cuts? Going slow with a heavy blade seems to work for me, but I'm still very new at this and learning. Thanks.--Den

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    The FD-12 works well as does a spiral. The spiral takes more practice to get a good cut line but I have been successful in cutting up to 2" thick wood with little problem using a spiral. The new spiral reverse makes a nice clean line but like I mentioned it does take a bit of practice to get a good line. For me cutting thicker wood is a lot easier with the spiral.

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      Hi Den,
      You are doing just fine with slow feed rate.
      Have good tension and good speed. The HD cut slower as other blades.
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        Den, I would say most scrollers do not cut the 1 1/2" wood, but in making the toys, you have found the bodies are better when you use that thickness of wood. I also find the FD thick blades work the best and I also slow down my feed rate into the blade and find it works great.


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          I have made many toys of 2x4's and I use a FD#5 Polar blade. #7 and #9 work also. Slow feed rate is essential.
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