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update on my hegner :)

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  • update on my hegner :)

    hi guys this is my work so far on my new hegner had lots of help from fretnot, i just love scroll sawing have lots to learn but loving it , comments please good are bad thanks
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    Nice work. Text is one of the least forgiving scrolling. You are learning rapidly.
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      thanks rolf love it, got lots to learn


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        Doing good, just hang in there, i'm still having trouble with the curves, they say that will get better with time and after a little sanding you can't tell it ever happened.
        Glad you got a saw that will work for you.


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          The trick to curves is don't stop. By the looks of your work you already figured that out. Outstanding pieces!!!!
          May the wind at you back .....
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            You are doing very well. Be careful you will become addicted to this craft!

            for showing us some of your work.
            Stoney aka Al

            This gettin old stuff ain't for sissies!


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              aww thanks for the nice comments guys, i well addicted, just cant beleive i have cut them , its brill, just wish i had more time work 4 nites,


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                It has been a frustrating time for Doddy, she is on her third and final saw, having the Hegner is the ultimate and she is getting on really well with it and is producing some out standing work. Many would have given up as many of her problems have seemed to be insurmountable but she has hung in there and given it her best shot. It has been a real pleasure for me to have helped her along the way and thanks to her dedication to what she does she is on the road to becoming one of the best scrollers in the UK. I get a real buss when I see progress and Doddy has been a first class pupil.


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                  Sweeeet stuff doddy555, persistence and practice pays off. Looking forward to more project photos from you. Thanks for posting them.
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                    thanks for all comments i buzzing , more pictures to come


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