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    I am new to woodworking, scrolling, and I am a diabetic. Safety is a major concern. I Googled and read several articles and watched a video on YouTube about scroll saw safety. I carry my cell phone with me, and made a small First Aid kit and stashed it in near my saw and sanding area. Are there any other precautions I should take?

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    Originally posted by SawingSue View Post
    I am new to woodworking, scrolling, and I am a diabetic. Safety is a major concern. I Googled and read several articles and watched a video on YouTube about scroll saw safety. I carry my cell phone with me, and made a small First Aid kit and stashed it in near my saw and sanding area. Are there any other precautions I should take?
    Protection from breathing sawdust is a major safety issue. Please wear a dust mask and use a dust collection system of some kind when you are woodworking. We have had members here with serious health issues as a result of not protecting themselves from inhaling sawdust particles.

    Nancy in AZ
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      And aside what was afore mentioned, Scrolling is probably the safest tool in the shop.
      You would have to want to cut yourself with it.
      It's pretty mild. I scroll with my fingers right up to the blade sometimes, when I'm doing small details.

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        You would have to really go out of your way to do any damage with a scroll saw. I often have fingers in contact with the blade and I don't notice until it gets a little warm.
        I had to chuckle when I read your post. Check out my post, it'll be there in a little while.
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          Hearing and eye protection are important, too. Even quiet saws make enough noise to require some protection, and you never know when something can go flying.

          It's also a good idea to wear an apron or other covering so you don't drag sawdust with you. I use my shop vac to vacuum off my clothes and sometimes even my hair. You also might find yourself sensitive to the dust from some wood, especially exotics.

          However, compared to other tools, the scroll saw is about as safe as they come, and the precautions are those you'd need for any tool. As far as cutting yourself, with normal precautions it just isn't an issue. The blade stays put, there's no kickback, and with a little care, you can get your fingers right up to the blade without danger.

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            Thanks, Nancy. Good reminder about taking precautions to not breathe sawdust. I wear a mask and use a box fan with a pleated furnace filter. I also wear safety glasses and no jewelry, especially no long necklaces with dangly charms. Love your signature! I need to scroll a big sign that says that!


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              JimSawyer, Well, I certainly do not want to cut myself. I do, however, want to cut wood and have something left besides sawdust! I've yet to put my fingers right up to the blade. Maybe in time and with experience...


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                oily, I couldn't find your post but I did find Buckshot and he is adorable!


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                  Carole, I hadn't considered ear protection as I'm usually listening to music. Thanks. I made myself a red bid apron to wear when scrolling. I'm going to work on getting my fingers closer to the blade.


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                    So i guess its probably not too smart to drink a 12 pack while sawing.

                    Now you tell me.


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                      Is that a rhetorical question? I have nothing against other people's drinking, but as a diabetic, I can't control my blood sugar if I consume alcohol, so I don't. That's one safety issue I don't have to be concerned with when scrolling.


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                        Sue, the very most important safety issues involve eyes and lungs. It is good that you are wearing a mask and safety glasses. Remember that a mask is only as effective as the fit is good. If there are gaps between your face and the mask, dust will get inside the mask and into your airway. There are several threads in this forum that address mask choices that are good reading. Have fun and relax. The scroll saw is nearly benign. I've had worse paper cuts.

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                          Jan, Thanks for your suggestions about the mask. I use a CPAP mask for sleep apnea so I know what your mean about air leaks and needing the right fit. And yes, I need to relax and make lots of sawdust!


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                            Sue, I'm also a diabetic (type 2) and take all the precautions already offered above. Never had a problem yet. On top of that I have a stent in my artery and the doc put me on Plavix (a blood thinner) about 4 yrs ago. This means that if I do cut myself, it's hard to stop it. But a cut from a scroll saw blade is more of an abrasion than a deep cut, and I've never had a fear of that happening. I get right down there close to the blade. Enjoy your scrolling!

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                              It seems to me that the worst risk to a diabetic is low sugar from forgetting to eat/ insulin probs etc. we (diabetics) all know about those risks!

                              Other than that it is the safest thing I do in the shop. I have hurt myself worse with a screwdriver than the scrollsaw.
                              Steve in Richmond, VA with a DW-788


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