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  • need some help from the locals

    I just purchased a used Hegner. I have never scrolled before. I got such a deal on the Hegner I could not pass it up. Now for my issues, No matter how much I slow down, I keep breaking blades after about 30 seconds. Could it be the tension? Maybe I am not installing the blades correctly? I am lost, it takes me forever to install the blade and to have it break so quick is just frustrating.

    Is there anyone local to Indianapolis that could come out to my house? We can have a BBQ, a few drinks and you can show me some tips and tricks? It would be great to find a local with the same Hegner I have. Send me an email and lets meet up some time. Thanks a bunch

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    You need good tension. The blade should not move sideways more than 1/8" I like good speed. If you do not have enough speed you have a tendency of pushing too hard into the blade. Let the blade do the cutting, they say.
    Most blades have a burr on the right side what makes the blade cut to the right. Move the wood some degree to the right to stay on the line.
    You also can find a lot of information on my site. Click on Q & A and Selecting a Blade.
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      I feel your problem is two fold. You have to much tension on the blade and you are pushing the material into the blade and this is why they keep breaking. Let the BLADE do the work. Just gently guide the material along the line of the pattern. It will take practice. Also use the correct blade for the material being cut and also the right speed.

      I would pop over and help you as I love a BBQ but I am in the UK.


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        If you didn't get a manual with your saw, you can download one here:

        It has a troubleshooting section, which includes blades breaking. That just might provide the answer, since inserting the blades correctly does take some practice. If the holders are not pivoting freely, that could be causing the blades to break. At any rate, the manual is well worth having.

        Good luck. You have a great saw, and should be able to figure out what's causing you grief. And, unfortunately, I'm too far to come for the BBQ.

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          If the blade is breaking right at the clamps try this. I found with mine that I need to make sure the blade is set into the bottom clamp as close to 90* as possible. The upper clamp has a tendency to sit angled to the back of the saw a bit, don't push the blade to the back of the saw when clamping. I bring the head of the saw down to the blade and lightly just hold the blade straight then clamp it.

          If you push the blade into the back of the upper clamp it (exaggerated) forces the blade into a "Z" shape and seems to put a lot of force right at the top of the bottom clamp, at least that's my theory - I was breaking quite a few right there. Of course if you don't bend the blade up when it breaks there you can always just re-clamp it and saw again.

          Tension on the blade - after clamping turn your tension knob till you start to put tension on the blade, give it another 1/2 turn or so and then flip your tension arm lever in the front of the saw. Should be good to go! (The instructions actually say to set the tension with the tension lever in the locked position - I'm not sure of the difference, the blade will have tension on it when you release the tension lock arm one way or the other... in theory you can use the tension arm lock for fret work so you don't have to re-tension the blade each hole, but I prefer the tension to be tighter than the lever will actually give you though.)

          Make sure your using good blades and the right one for the job - if your trying to push a #3 crown tooth blade through 1 inch thick yellowheart you'll be there all day, and the frustration will make you push harder causing you to break blades. Mike (3_M) above is a great resource for blades and blade information.

          Good luck and enjoy the saw.
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            I have two Hegners one is fine but the other one will break blades while running and no wood near the blade! They break in the middle so I think I have too much tension on the blade. Not sure.
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              Are you anywhere near Crawfordsville, Indiana? There is a scrollers club that meets there. It is listed to the left of the comments area under scroll saw clubs. There was someone on here that started up a club in Indy last fall. I'll try to hunt him down on the forums. I do remember his name is Lucky.


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                Found him! His member's name here is bluelucky, and real name is Michael. I sent a PM to him to check out your post.



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                  I had the same problem once. I found out that I need new bearings. No more problems after that.
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