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  • need advice again

    my saw is AWVFS variable speed fretsaw 700153, i havent used it much and the blade clamp thing wouldnt tighten, so they sent me another one to i fitted it ! right are wrong i think it was right was on phone with guys from axminster, still it wouldnt close for the blade to sit in, so they are sending me another, dont understand why this one wouldnt work, its a pain, and stopping me from doing something i want to do, only had few hours on it,,,thinking in a way would it have bin better to get a better saw ? are can you buy the better clamp things for it ? shouldnt have to really ,,,,

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    well thinks thats my hobby over before its stared, got new clamp things an tryed to do it , but i am thick are just doing something wrong, they just keep turning an not holding blade , twice i have tryed,,,, maybe it just not for me really am thinking of going to an axminster store an asking them show me ,,,if not hobby over


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      Looking at a picture on the Axminster website, your saw looks very similar to a Performax brand I was recently given. I can't really see the blade clamps all that well in the picture, but if they are the same as the Performax, then they are primarily designed for pin-end blades. The capability to also accept pinless blades technically exists, but frankly seems to be a bit of an afterthought and thus severely lacking in quality and functionality.

      I'm considering an upgrade of the blade clamps on the saw I have in order to make it useable. I suggest you contact Frank Pozsgai and ask him about the availability of a blade clamp adapter kit for your saw.

      Pozsgai's Designs - Scroll Saw

      It's worth a shot. We certainly don't want you to abandon this hobby before you are even able to get started.
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        aww thanks for taking time to comment, i am so fed up with it, i going to have another go over weekend , axminster have bin very good they have sent me 3 new ones , i am thinking its me not putting them in right, so i will try again, then rethink it, thanks again tracey


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