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  • Keep old saw or new one?

    I came home yesterday with a new Ryobi 16" scroll saw ... the $120 version ... then discovered I had, tucked away, an old (maybe 20 yrs.) Buffalo 15" scroll saw in a storage box. However, no manual! I'm a newbie with scrolling, so will definitely need a manual. Any suggestions where I can get a manual? IF I can, will the Buffalo serve me well, or should I just go with the new one? I'm attaching a photo of what I'm planning to work on.
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    Hooooooeeeee!!! thats quite a pattern to start with.....I do have a Ryobi and have had NO trouble with it...( 5-6 yrs. old ) there are better ones out there but at the time i had minimal cash on hand .i tried some of the other lower priced (budget ) machines and most were lacking on various different functions...everyone kids me about my choice but i guess i got a GOOD one...would deffinatly buy it again if given the choice or the need.
    no viabration to speak of and a local dealer can get parts ( a lot in stock )..easy to bottom feed.....just take off the side panel for finger clearance and the hold down and all is good.....I bought a couple extra clamps...very cheap and both top and bottom are the same......they cost about 2 bucks per unit....i am still useing the original ones............will take both pinned and pinnless blades..........Have fun with your new toy, and we wanna see some pics. of your project as it developes.......


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      WOW, Dave you are right, that is quite a venture, with any saw ! I don't know anything about the Ryobi saw, but, I don't know if I would venture out on that limb with my DeWalt. Good Luck Don.


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        Post some pictures of the Buffalo. A google search didn't find the saw in question.

        Other than that, you just have to take a scrap piece of wood and try out the Buffalo. If you like it, then use it and return the Ryobi and buy like $120 worth of Walnut(my favorite wood) or some other wood that you like and get scrolling.
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          I would say keep the Ryobi, but definatly get A LOT of practice before attempting that piece you show in the photo (By the way, that thing is way cool!). Making a project like that will be a huge project, with many factors that could cause you a lot of headaches.If your main goal was to be able to make a bunch of those, I would suggest a totally different saw than youve mentioned altogether, but they are more expensive. Keep in mind the pictured piece is a laser cut piece, so dont expect yours to match that perfectly.
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            I admire your project,and your plan ,I admire any body with cohonies that size.Good Luck!
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              Thanks to all who replied to my query for a Buffalo manual; My wife and I've returned the Ryobi (too small a space beneath the table for even her hands and especially for my over-sized Austrian hands to change lower blades, and I have put the Buffalo out for whoever wants it (a 30-lb bass boat anchor? -- shipping NOT included).

              BTW the pattern I enclosed was laser cut by a Super computer at MIT, created by George W Hart when he taught there in 2003, and he invited a team of MIT mathematicians to solve it. They eventually did but he didn't disclose if/where the finished product exists.

              I've made (and sold) a decidedly simpler one using a miter saw, tediously gluing the pieces together [each pentagon takes 5 cuts and it takes 12 of those pentagons to form a soccer-ball-sized icosahedron-- if/when you figure how to glue them together], which is why I am purchasing a 20" Dewalt machine to do my models on.

              Again, thanks for all the helpful suggestions -- especially advising me to start with simpler, less ambitious projects.

              P.S. I wanted to insert a photo. but it asked for a 'http' website address -- how/why?


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