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  • VERY NEW scroll saw user

    Help... have a Scheppach Deco 405 my very first scroll saw. Arrived on Friday! I have been happy playing and experimenting. Just started my first project and oops blade has snapped! Instruction book doesn't show how to change it and I've looked on line. I have worked out that there are 2 points to anchor the blade but when i put new blade in place and tighten both hex keys, as soon as I push the lever at the back of the arm it just pops the blade. I'm actually not sure if I have a small broken piece of blade in the bottom as I haven't found it. Any help would be great.......don't want to wait for hubby to come home from work to help. Thanks Di

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    This was my first saw also,to change the blade you should have got a t bar hex which you place in the slots of the bottom side panel,till you find the bolt that holds the blade,the upper clamp is no problem,when i started i removed the side panel too make the bottom clamp more accessable.i eventual,changed the blade clamps on my saw ,not sure where i got them now.the top was a thumb screw,hand tightened,the bottom was still tightened wit the hex key,..
    You may still have a piece of broken blade in the lower clamp,but if i were you iwuld see about replacing them....HOPE THIS IS SOME BIT OF HELP...
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      make sure you get the blade tension right. The blade should "ping" when plucked. Not enough tension can also break a blade.
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        Thanks Tony & Jim, I got so impatient I just fiddled until I did it. The whole scroll saw technique isn't as easy as some make it look but I AM loving it.
        I have been invited to have a stall at a craft market 31st March so i will be practising every day!!!



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