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  • fed up !!

    update, still not used my scroll saw , i work 4 nites, i still have the problem of what to put the saw on, not lot of money and cant make my own, tryed pc stand didnt work, i am thinking of going out to but one but dont know where to start , so any help would be great, cant wait to get scrowlling
    thanks tracey

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    Sears used to make a decent steel tool stand that might work, and they weren't too expensive. Sitting them on concrete floor usually makes a difference too, since a wooden floor gives slightly making any vibration worse.


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      aw thanks for reply, i in uk, having trouble doing my profile to, having bad time lol ,,,how do i do profile so people know i from uk,,, hey thanks for reply


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        G'Day doddy555

        To change profile click on user cp in top left hand corner and then click on about me and change profile. Hope that helps. With the mounting of saw if you have a bench or table you do not want to drill into get a rubber mat and some clamps and fix it that way.

        Hope this helps


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          hi bernie tryed it think it worked but not for my pic ? oh well just as well lol take care an thanks for replying


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            sorry thanks bernie , still cant up load pic lol oh well


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              Try going to user control panel as stated before and click on edit avatar.

              If you need a tool and don't buy it, you will pay for it and not have it


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                Hi folks it keeps saying unable to upload pic ?


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                  It could be one of two things:
                  Your photo is too large, or
                  I can't remember if you have to have a certain number of posts before the picture posting is enabled.

                  In a back issue, I believe #32, there was an article on building a custom stand that could be made for less money than buying something at a hardware store.

                  Hope this helps
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                    thanks jim , istill bit thick, hey i not blonde has we say i uk means lough out loud , me need go bed now to much wine lol , take care jim


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                      don't feel bad about not being able to get your pfofile pic up I tried to change mine and had the same problem even after resizing it,as far as the stand go's all you need is a couple of 2x4s well 3 really and a quarter sheet of 3/4" ply cut the ply about 3" wider than the saw then use the 2x4s to build a fram around itthen cut the legs to the hight you want and you have a stand hope this helps.Jerry

                      Oh BTW don't drink and cut lol...
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                      Don't worry be scrolling


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                        BOB D Private message link

                        Bob D Private message.

                        Contact Bob and let him know about your picture loading problems please.
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                          Can't help you with your computer problems, but as far as what to put the saw on, don't overthink it and don't let it be an obstacle to your getting started scrolling. All you really need is a stable flat surface that puts the saw at a reasonably comfortable height. If you are unable to mount it permanently to this surface, then just clamp it down. Maybe put a piece of foam or carpet or something between the bottom of the saw and the table surface to help dampen vibration (and protect the surface if this happens to be a piece of your furniture ) It just needs to be secure so it doesn't move around on you as you are cutting.

                          This will be a temporary alternative while you continue to search for a permanent solution. As you use the saw, you will begin to get a feel for what you want in a stand. Would you prefer to sit or stand while cutting? This will determine the height you need. If there is no factory stand available for your saw, then I would seriously consider building your own, to your specifications. This doesn't have to be anything more than 4 legs with a flat top and enough bracing to make it sturdy. Or you can customize it however you see fit. In the meantime, find an old table, bench, anything that will serve the purpose. It doesn't have to be perfect. I've even heard of folks putting their saw on the floor and scrolling while kneeling. I couldn't do that, but it just shows that there is no reason to let this problem deter you from enjoying your saw.

                          Good luck and have fun making sawdust!
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                            Tracey, on loading a picture, be sure you wait for it to download. I had a problem like that & the next time I waited longer for the page to blink, so to speak.
                            About your stand, you should be sure to mount it solid & if you have some weight's to put on the lower part of stand, it will help a great deal. Good Luck


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