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Blades keep coming off

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  • Blades keep coming off

    I have a rbi 214 Hawk scroll saw that I just started using.When I put the blade on it appears that the top angles to the right. The bottom lines up with the center slot in the table but when I attach it to the top it pulls to the right. Is there an ajustment to the upper arm to move it to the left to line up with the bottom?

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    Blades are held in most saws by "pinching" the blade between two flat surfaces. Most saw have a fixed set screw (allen type) on the left side of the clamp and another screw type device on the right side of the clamp. The fixed set screw can be moved for fining tuning the alignment.
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      scott has it right but also be sure to use a drop of blue loc-tite so the set screw wont move around at all.

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        With what Scott said . I would Square my table to afterwards
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