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  • Learned something this weekend

    I need to purchase some smaller drill bits.
    Boy it is amazing how small a scroll saw blade can be and still do the job.
    Even on 3/4 inch cedar.


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    The largest bit I use for blade entry holes is 1/16th , but if its a pin end, I think a 1/8th is the size, i cant remember.I drill most of my holes using a #61 or a #65 size drillbit.And, run them fast, if you dont, you will break many.a few blade suppliers and scrollsaw accessories dealers sell the "wire size" drillbits. If you need further direction into where to purchase some, PM me. Dale
    Dale w/ yella saws


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      sawdustus of hiawatha

      I don't remember where I saw this tip, but to prevent small drill bits from breaking, chuck them as deeply as you can while still letting them drill all the way through the piece of wood. The physics is simple. The less of the bit that is exposed, the less likely it is to flex and thus break if it hits a hard spot in the wood. It works for me.

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        before there was any such thing as a drill, or at least a motorized one, the italians used to drill their marquetry with copper wires. They'd simply spin the wire in their hands until eventually it would penetrate through the wood. Mind you, it was veneer, but still ! Oh, and the veneer back then was twice as thick as the veneers of today because back then it was all hand sliced.
        Jeff Powell


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          Ive seen the wire trick done before
          I can use either/or pinned or non pinned blades.
          I was trying to use the unpinned blade nad was using a 16th inch drill bit.
          That was the problem.
          I will get some more smaller ones

          thank all for the information


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            The perfect hole, and it's completely free. put the desired piece of wood into a barrel with a lid and a few tiney air holes. Insert a carpenter bee into the barrel. In a few days you'll have the most perfect hole, it'll put a drill bit hole to shame.

            Warning.... holes drilled through wood are not always where you may want them to be....
            Jeff Powell


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              You could also try powder post beatles they make very small holes
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                I got a bunch of free holes in about $100 of Maple and Mahogany one time. Carpenter ants. Wasn't pleased.
                Mark Abbett


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