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Newbie Seeks Input on Saw Purchase

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  • Newbie Seeks Input on Saw Purchase

    I have narrowed my purchase to a new Delta 40-690 ($349.00), a 2 yr old type 2 Dewalt 788 ($350.00) listed on Craigslist, and Excalibur 16 ($674.99). I am seeking input from you experienced scrollers.

    Tony Cunningham

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    You posted this on Steves site as well. I'll bet you get the same responses here. If you can afford the Ex go for it.
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      Get the Excalibur. Folks seem to be having a lot of problem with the type 2 DeWalt.



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        The Delta is a really good deal right now, but I would want to see that it doesn't have the excessive blade travel before I bought it. If your going to be doing bowls, I might put out the difference for the EX. I would not consider a used 788 over the same Delta new.

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          I own two DW788s. Both have served me well and continue to go strong. As Randy said I would not go to a used Type 2 over the new Delta. Now if it was a true Type 1 and under $300 I might consider it.
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            I love my ex-16. I tried a porter-cable and a dewalt before and i took them both back. I consider it money well spent.


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              I would not even consider those first two saws. The Delta is basically the Dewalt with a different color. I made the mistake of buying the Dewalt and about 1 1/2 yrs later after my purchase I had to go out and buy another saw (the EX 21). The reason being, there were too many problems on the DW788 and Dewalt had no fixes for them. So I wasted 500 bucks. In the tool business, you get what you pay for.


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                I want to thank all who replied to my post about my first saw purchase. After talking to Ray @Sayco, and doing a lot of research, I have decided on the Excalibur 21. So. I will be headed to Rockwall in a few days!!



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                  Tony, be sure to check the internet. I bought my second DeWalt from for a very good price, including stand and light. My DeWalts have been great for me for 19 years and have cut at least a half-million puzzle pieces.



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                    I've no complaints with my 788. good price
                    Buy Delta 20 Variable Speed Scroll Saw Model 40-690 at Woodcraft
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                      I've had my Dewalt 788 type 2 now for over two years with no problems and just love it . But the best deal going as said by one of the others here is at Grizzly' - you get the stand and light free when you buy from them . Sometimes when money is the question , this Dewalt type 2 788 is a great saw in my eyes if I had penty to spend I'd probably try the Excalibur ....... ......on the other hand I'd bet that this new Delta model 40-690 would be a good buy two cents worth.....MB
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